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Assalam u alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh!

If you are new here, please take a seat and let’s go through the intro of AYEINA first (run by the two Muslim sisters – AYEsha & samINA). If you are familiar with AYEINA already, then you’re already a part of the family – this amazing community of Muslims trying to make the best of the world and the best of the Hereafter! All of us are struggling souls walking towards one goal – uplifting each other in the process because a believer is the believer’s MIRROR!

Following are the popular posts from each year since we started AYEINA (along with a short preview of that year):


The highlight of 2021 was the demise of my (Samina) health, which slowed down many things at AYEINA – we were not able to host our annual FREE Productivity course this year, but alhamdulillah our annual Islamic contest (though slightly delayed) still became a possibility. Another highlight was the Interactive Fabric Quiet Book(s). They may officially be launched in 2022 though. But Jazakumullah khairan katheera for everyone who supported us throughout this year’s ups and downs! It means so much to us. May Allah make us better than what people may think of us and may you all find nothing but benefit here.

In terms of the blog, following were our ten most-read blog posts from 2021 (either they were published in 2021 or published at the end of 2020* and hence gained momentum in 2021):

1) A Hadith A Day (Free Ramadan Printable for a Gratitude Calendar)

2) Advice from the Sunnah on Coping with Grief after the Loss of a Loved One *

3) Juz Journals (Colourful Word by Word Quran for Kids)

4) Eid Gift Ideas for Kids by Age and Budget

5) 10 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Marriage as a Muslim

6) Quran Journaling Contest 2021 (with Free Printable)

7) 28 Arabic Letter Crafts for Kids

8) How to Make Children’s Islamic Education Interactive (with FREE printable resources)

9) People Whose Duas were Answered (Stories from Quran and Ahadith)

10) Stories of Women of Jannah as Mothers


In 2021, Ayesha and I (Samina) started sharing our family tafseer sessions on social media (which have been saved in our Juz 28, Juz 29, and Juz 30 highlights). Here are the top 7 posts on our social media channels (as it has been 7 years since AYEINA came into being alhamdulillah):

Top 7 posts on Instagram (42.5k+ followers till the end of 2021):

  1. Jannah beneath a mother’s feet
  2. Announcement of 6th AYEINA member
  3. Surah Feel reflection
  4. Postpartum mercy from Allah
  5. Muslim identity for kids
  6. Juz Amma Journal snippets
  7. Annual Ramadan Freebie

Top 7 posts on Facebook (15k+ followers till the end of 2021):

  1. A mother’s rank thrice higher
  2. Tears – not a sign of weakness
  3. Reciting Quran aloud around kids
  4. Message from the ICU
  5. Palace in Jannah without noise or toil
  6. Laa Tahzan

Top 7 posts on Pinterest (22.5k+ followers till the end of 2021):

  1. Increasing love through gifts
  2. Salah positions craft
  3. Mosque crafts (many of them stayed at the top: 1,2,3,4,5)
  4. Free printable hadith cards
  5. Eid party
  6. Arabic letter crafts
  7. Eid Party Table Decor


The highlight of 2020 was Juz Journals. Although they may officially be printed in 2021 as the process of rechecking was more rigorous and thorough than any other product we have ever launched. We are grateful for the support by Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud and Sheikh Saalim Al Azhari, who rechecked these books even amidst their family commitments, studies and jobs – and not to mention the khair they are spreading amongst the ummah in their free time already. May Allah make it sadaqah jaariyah for them. This year, we also launched a new episodic art series around Jannah Journal titled: “Imagine Jannah: ART SERIES” exclusively on Muslim Kids TV. You can apply the code AYEINA for 20% off after your free 14 day trial. Find out more about it HERE. And hey! We won the Muslimah Bloggers award again alhamdulillah – this time “Best Religious Blog“. Jazakumullah khairan katheera for everyone who supported us throughout these years! May Allah make us better than what people may think of us.

In terms of the blog, following were our ten most-read blog posts from 2020:

1) List of 30 Duas (free printable duas for Ramadan Calendar)

2) Masjid Design Contest 2020 (with Free fold-away Mosque Printable) – THEME: Masjid Interior Design

3) Wahnan Ala Wahn – How to Survive Hardships of Motherhood

4) 30 Crafts for Kids Based on Muslim Books (which got featured in British Council official website)

5) How to Help Kids Love Quran and Sunnah (without forcing it on them)

6) Free Resources on 5 Pillars of Islam & 6 Pillars of Iman

7) How I taught Quran to My 5yr old in 5 Months (+FREE Quran Lesson Plan)

8) How to Help kids Love Salah (List of Motivational Verses and Ahadith on Prayer)

9) How to Teach Kids Asma ul Husna (Names of Allah) + FREE Printables

10) Sunnahs of Expressing Love to Your Parents


In 2020, Ayesha and I (Samina) started taking turns in doing IG/FB stories to distribute the amount of work as the amount of DMs increased. Mondays and Wednesdays, I take over. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ayesha takes over. While Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are off for us. We need to take social media breaks each week to focus on our own self-development – considering both of us are student mums who are homeschooling as well. Also, it can be really hard to know )once you’re in the spotlight) whether it’s affecting you spiritually or no. Most of us are in denial. So it’s best to take scheduled breaks where you can focus on yourself even if you don’t feel like you’re getting pulled into the fame game/ sales/ likes/ followers etc. Taking scheduled breaks ground us ❤️ (even if it affects our “ranking” – we had to prioritize).

Top 6 posts on Instagram (36k+ followers till the end of 2020):

  1. #AlhamdulillahForSeries poster / #IwillinshaAllah poster / #JannahJournal poster (these are the 3 posters we do regularly each month and these have been the best in their respective category in 2020).
  2. FAQS on niqab
  3. Dua a day calendar and freebie (featuring
  4. Ideas of easy lunch platters that don’t require cooking
  5. Jannah Journal softcover launch
  6. Dua for distress (video)

Top 6 posts on Facebook (14k+ followers till the end of 2020):

  1. Breaking in two (excerpt from Wahnan ala wahn article)
  2. Juz Amma completion
  3. Finding comfort in the Quran
  4. Consider it a sadaqah
  5. Juz Journal video with 5yr old
  6. Stop praising her

Top 6 posts on Pinterest (19k+ followers till the end of 2020) – This year our pins gathered around 19 million views alhamdulillah:

  1. DIY Salah garden – craft collab with Muslimah bloggers and creatives
  2. Free dua printable cards
  3. Quran Star Lamp projection
  4. Interactive Hadith Pack for kids
  5. Mosque interior design (craft) of our 2020 winner
  6. Months in Islam video


The highlight of 2019 was Jannah Journal (an imagination journal with division of Jannah ahadith and verses into 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch/feel)) – our fourth tangible (novelty) product – it’s a 3D book with 30+ lift-a-flap shapes and stencils/stickers to decorate the fold-away cardboard masjid (cover). And hey! We won the Muslimah Bloggers award again alhamdulillah – this time as the “most Inspirational Blogger“. Jazakumullah khairan katheera for everyone who supported us throughout these years! May Allah make us better than what people may think of us…In terms of the blog, following were our ten most-read blog posts from 2019 (either they were published in 2019 or published at the end of 2018* and hence gained momentum in 2019):

1) 30 Islamic Crafts and Activities for Muslim Kids Based on Islamic Books

2) Steps to Help Kids Memorize Quran (tips from a mother of 2 huffadh) *

3) Short Stories of Sahabah (male companions) and Sahabiyaat (female companions of the Prophet ﷺ)

4) Short Islamic Stories for Muslim Kids 

5) How to Prepare for Eid & Make it Special for Kids (FREE Checklist + Eid Takbeerat Audio)

6) Halal Business Advice from a Muslimah Entrepreneur

7) How to Raise Grateful Kids (+ List of Gratitude Activities & Resources to Instill Shukr) *

8) Islamic Contest 2019 (caption & art) – THEME: Jannah

9) How to Turn to Allah when You Feel so Distant

10) How to Raise Young Worshippers (who hope to be under the shade of Allah)


In 2019, we started taking Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off from social media (each week) and working only 4 days a week – which was a huge step forward in terms of mindset for us because everyone thinks that more work and more visibility equals more growth. But alhamdulillah our annual 4-5 month break has been such a success that taking more days off during the week seemed like a productive step forward so we can maintain quality at AYEINA even if the quantity gets affected.

Top 5 posts on Instagram (24k+ followers till the end of 2019):

  1. 3 year old’s Quran recitation in animojis.
  2. Good deed a day Ramadan calendar / Eid countdown ideas for kids (featuring Eid Party)
  3. Story of our Baba’s beard and how he came to Islam
  4. How Allah describes first years of motherhood in the Quran – wahnan ala wahn (weakness upon weakness) – this was probably the most popular in terms of shares (so much so that people started copy pasting the text and sending it in Whatsapp groups. We started seeing it everywhere then with different author names attached to it).
  5. #IwillinshaAllah Hajj poster (with an inspirational story of Asma bint Umais رضي الله عنها).

Top 5 posts on Facebook (13k+ followers till the end of 2019):

  1. New Zealand shooting
  2. Ayesha’s eldest finishing Quran
  3. Conversation with a 4 year old about niqab
  4. Story of a crying baby in a mosque and reaction of the imam
  5. Surahs to avoid with little kids (that talk about hell fire and punishment of Allah)

Top 5 posts on Pinterest (13k+ followers till the end of 2019) – This year our pins gathered around 15 million views alhamdulillah:

  1. Thankful hands craft with #AlhamdulillahForSeries
  2. Bismillah and Alhamdulillah Cuff (by Crscntmoon)


The highlight of 2018 was Barakah Planner (an undated Islamic planner with hadith and Quran journal + write & wipe daily salah planner) – our third tangible product. We also started a facebook group exclusively for ladies “Productive Muslimaat” where we ran weekly FB lives with different Muslim women from around the world – (in 6 months, 2000+ ladies joined the group). In 2018, we surpassed 100k monthly views on the website alhamdulillah (this was the first year when we actually got serious about blogging and hence documented all the finances from January till the end. It was also the first year when we took a 4-5 month break – something that we plan to do each year now to not only take advantage of the blessed months (Ramadan/Dhul Hijja etc.) but also to create more unique content and products for the mental well being of our ummah bi’idhnillah). And hey! We won the “Best Productivity/ Self Development Blog“by Muslimah Bloggers. Jazakumullah khairan katheera for everyone who voted! 

Following were our ten most-read blog posts from 2018 (either they were published in 2018 or published at the end of 2017* and hence gained momentum in 2018):

1) Do’s and Don’ts of Istikhara (+FREE dua printable) *

2) Productivity Caption & Art Contest 2018 / Gratitude Caption & Art Contest 2018

3) Know Allah Better Through His 99 Names (authentic list with references) *

4) Stress Management Tips from Qur’an and Sunnah *

5) 10 Activities to Teach Kids Arabic Alphabet Recognition

6) How to Help Kids Love Allah & Islam (without forcing it on them)

7) How to Save Money for Hajj

8) Ways to Introduce a Concept of Death to a Muslim Child *

9) How to Teach Kids to Pray & Love Salah

10) Islamic Gifts (+FREE Printable Islamic Cards for all Occasions – Ramadan/Eid & beyond)


In 2018, we surpassed 20k followers on Instagram (our most active social media channel) – which was a reminder that we carry a responsibility of sharing what adds value to people’s lives, that adds value to not only our life in this dunya but also the aakhirah.

Top 5 posts on Instagram:

  1. A post about struggles of motherhood and salah – something that we did for Prayer challenge in #preRamadanProductivityCourse
  2. Announcement of the fifth baby in AYEINA’s minis 😀
  3. Story of Abbad Bin Bishr (RA) in #IwillinshaAllah series
  4. Story of Fatima Bint Muhammad (RA) in #IwillinshaAllah series
  5. Announcement of FREE international shipping on Productivity Journal (whiteboard binder)

Top 5 posts on Facebook:

  1. Video of Ayesha’s 5 year old & 3 year old + Samina’s 2 year old reciting some duas – a post on how to help kids learn adhkaar
  2. Announcement video of Productivity Journal for Muslims finally as a whiteboard binder – a vision that we were able to bring to life without fundraising or taking pre-orders (something that we weren’t sure if it’s allowed in Islam) – the biggest investment we’ve made in Ayeina so far.
  3. Story of Samina’s mother-in-law who is a revert
  4. Ayesha & Samina’s Hijab/Niqab story
  5. Self-care from an Islamic Perspective in #IwillinshaAllah series

Top 5 posts on Pinterest:

  1. Saving money from an Islamic Perspective in #IwillinshaAllah series
  2. Positive Mood Board featuring #AlhamdulillahForSeries Subscriber freebie bundle (which you can download here too)
  3. Arabic letter tracing on salt (featuring Thinkernation)
  4. How to Raise Grateful Kids (+ List of Gratitude Activities & Resources to Instill Shukr)


The highlight of 2017 was “I WILL in shaa Allaah” Productivity Journal for Muslims – our second journal in the Islamic Psychology series. Although we planned on launching our (upcoming) Art Journal before this one – but circumstances lead us to work on this journal more – because of the need we felt for it in our own lives basically! We won two blog awards at Muslimah Bloggers – “Best Productivity Blog” and “Best Business Blog

Following were our ten most-read blog posts from 2017 (mostly from the #preRamadanProductivityCourse – based around the topics from the above mentioned productivity journal):

1) The Secrets of an Accepted Dua

2) Sunnahs of Expressing Love to Your Child

3) Forgiveness in Islam: Even When You Can’t Forget

4) Practical Steps to Pray on Time

5) Ways to Instill Love of Arabic in Kids

6) Ultimate List of FREE Eid Printables

7) Ways to Develop a Daily Relationship with Qur’an

8) Confessions of a Practicing Muslim (+FREE Ramadan Printables)

9) Funeral of a Child in Islam

10) How to Teach Kids 12 Months in Islam


The highlight of 2016 was starting a formal newsletter along with monthly freebie bundles exclusive for the email subscribers. And winning an award of “Top 50 Islamic Blogs” alhamdulillah.

Following were our ten most popular posts from 2016:

1) How to Start a Small Sewing Business

2) Losing Weight the Sunnah Way

3) How to Raise Better Practicing Muslim Kids

4) Packing Checklist for Hajj/Umrah with Kids

5) Your Niqab Questions Answered!

6) List of Islamic Stores Around the World

7) Paying markets for Islamic Writers

8) Controlling Parental Anger through Islam

9) Hajj/Umrah Products & Resources for Adults & Kids

10) 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Hijama Done


2015 was our first year at AYEINA – where we (Ayesha and Samina) launched the blog and by the end of the year, also launched “Alhamdulillah For Series” Gratitude Journal (which was a super scary and risky step to take – considering a complete lack of Islamic journals in the Muslim world back then. But alhamdulillah for all the support from YOU all!). Following were our top ten posts from 2015:

1) The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Hajj/Umrah: Must-haves

2) The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Hajj/Umrah: Better to have

3) The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Hajj/Umrah: Extra Nice to Have

4) 20 Quick Tips for Hajj and Umrah

5) A Love Letter to my Beloved

6) Short Ahadith for Kids to Learn: Two Words

7) List of Free Resources to Study Quran

8) How Muslims should React to an Earthquake

9) Supplicate to Allah with Allah’s Words (List of Qur’anic Duas)

10) 10 Islamic Etiquettes when Visiting Public Toilets

Which one has been your personal favorite post on the blog or social media so far? It could be from outside this list too! Share in the comments below because it will help us serve you better in shaa Allah 🙂

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