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Whether you’re going for Hajj/Umrah or planning to go someday in shaa Allah or simply assisting someone for the journey, these amazing Muslim businesses are there to cater to your Hajj/Umrah needs. Different product recommendations have already been discussed in the previous posts (1,2,3,4) for your ease and general availability. 

But it would be great to support Muslim businesses if you can. Please note that none of these brands are endorsed by us. We are simply recommending the Hajj/Umrah products we got to know of and we are in no way affiliated to them. Hence you must do your own research too. 

Hajj Safe – as the name suggests – has pretty much everything related to Hajj and Umrah – from theft-proof bags to unscented products, from towels to first aid kits, from hajj resources to ihram belts etc.

ayeina hajj safe products for hajj and umrah

Hajj/Umrah packs:

Mubarak London (UK)

Zaytoon Naturals – Unscented Soaps. You can also check Olive Bee (UAE – for unscented organic beauty products).

With a Spin – wudu pal (istinja kit) and a handy cool mist fan (USA).

Deen Square (UAE), Dar us Salam (Australia) etc. are also selling a range of Hajj/Umrah products.

For a more detailed list of Islamic stores around the world, SEE THIS LIST

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Hajj/Umrah food-solutions:

CURE (for adults (especially as Hajj/Umrah healthy snacks)).

If you are going to Hajj with babies/infants, then food pouches are the easiest to carry and feed the child – Although most of the products are halal (as long as there’s no gelatin, meat etc. in there) but if you’d like to support a Muslim business, then you can look into HalalbubsForAisha etc.

Salaam Nutritionals’ HALAL Adult Gummy Multivitamins, Children’s Gummy Multivitamins, Children’s Gummy Omega+DHA, Calcium + Vitamin D Gummy etc. are great to keep your nutritional and energy levels up!

Hajj/Umrah Decor

If you aren’t going for Hajj/Umrah but know someone who is going or returning from the blessed land, following resources may help:

Free Hajj Mubarak Printable Card by Ayeina

Hajj and Umrah party decor by Eid Party

Hajj stickers by Farhat Amin

Umrah Prints by Quote Lovin

To Teach Kids about Hajj/Umrah:

Run a rehearsal for kids at home (if they are going to Hajj/Umrah with you) so you can see which activity, book or magazine clicks best with them. The one they love the most, just take that along to discuss about Hajj and its significance.

Actually, you can even test out #AlhamdulillahForSeries gratitude journal with them and ask them to jot down what they are grateful for at Hajj, just to keep the positive vibes alive. Even you can fill it out to keep your mindset positive and flourishing when people run over your patience (yes, it can be a very testing time for some).

List of Hajj/Umrah Magazines for Kids:

There are a number of Islamic magazines like Hiba Kidz , Little ExplorersMy Deen Club etc. on the Hajj/Umrah theme. Among these, I personally own the Little Explorers Magazine only and love the Dhul Hijja one.

(We personally would prefer faceless books/magazines out of all because children can keep/use them anywhere at Hajj/Umrah. Since there might be people offering their prayers around them, so having no facial features drawn on the books/magazines/toys is a plus).

List of Hajj/Umrah Books for Kids:

We’ve already talked about a list of books for kids HERE and basic books for adults HERE

But there are some books for kids that we personally own on the topic of Hajj/Umrah – Going to Mecca , My Hajj Fun Book , Makkah and Madinah Activity Book and my personal favorite! Yan’s Hajj – The ending brings tears to my eyes every time…

Please note that we are neither endorsing any of these products/shops (it’s not a sponsored post) nor have we tried each and every product/shop (except for the mentioned books). Please ensure authenticity of these products/shops on your own. This is just to help you out and make your task easy in shaa Allah. If you have more product/shop recommendations, please let us know and we will keep updating this list bi’idhnillah. 

Disclosure: Some of the amazon affiliate links have been used above. Please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Perfecto! One of my friend had asked for me an online storing selling kids prayer mat and I ll just send her your way.

    I know a huge effort would have gone in compiling this list and may Allah bless you for all your hard work.

    I just went to the links if India and Middle East.
    There are a whole lot more Islamic stores in Kerala (India) since it has a huge and active Muslim community. I shall send u the links of I get any.

    Wishing you goodness.


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