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***The 100 page Productivity Journal for Muslims #iwillinshaAllah (2017) is available in 3 formats***

1) DIGITAL – $10 USD…/productivity-journal-for-muslims-digit…/

2) SOFTCOVER – on Amazon (size: 8.5″x8.5″) – $20 USD

3) HARDCOVER (whiteboard binder with a dry-erase marker) 10″x10″ – $40 USD (on SALE with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT)


***The 52 page Gratitude Journal for Muslims #AlhamdulillahForSeries is available in 3 formats also***


2) SOFTCOVER (english) – on Amazon (size: 6″x6″) – $10 USD
SOFTCOVER (arabic) – on Amazon (size: 6″x6″) – $10 USD
3) HARDCOVER (last stock with few damages on BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer) 8″x8″ – (2 journals in) $18 USD

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[highlight4]*If you want to save on the shipment charges, you can either refer to international stockists or you can buy one in $20 USD with FREE international shipment – no matter where you live! (but this journal is an older version that doesn’t come with the chalkboard sheet and a chalk).[/highlight4]