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Ayeina has previously advertised the following entities:

AUSTRALIA: Jolly Animals (2018) , ZednQ (2017), Ilma Education (2017)

CANADA: Zaytoon Naturals (2017), My Deen Magazine (2017) , Handmade Beginnings (2017) , Muzlyfe (2017) , Nutrition by Nazima (2017) , Alif2Yaa (2017), Arabic Seeds (2017) , Little Bulbul Canada (2017) , TheRapidCure (2016) , Ruqaya’s Bookshelf (2016)

FRANCE: Daradam Kids (2017)

GERMANY: Laya and Liyas Bows (2017)

INDIA: Ummi Baby and Co (2018) ,  Burooj Angels (2015 & 2016)

KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia): Sew Some Stuff (2018), Little Muslims Gift Factory (2018 & 2017), Jeddah Mothering

MALAYSIA: Viva Queen Bee (2017) , Dzaltastic (2017) , Healthy Muslimah (2017)

PAKISTAN: Hajj Safe (2018 & 2017), Hopscotch (2016), Mustela PK (2016)

QATARUmm Maimoonah’s Journal (2018)

SINGAPORE: Homely Hammock , MyshelfSG (2017)

SOUTH AFRICABinaye Blocks (2018)

TURKEYHijaborized (2016)

UAE: BabyShop (2018), Butterscotch Baby Linen (2018) , Fine Baby (2017), Perfume Bar (2017), Salaty (2017), Deen Square (2017), Little Muslimah (2017), Maya’s Organic World (2017), GingerBread Box (2016), Miniexchange (2015)

UK2018: Quran Story with Hudhud App , Dr.Sadzy FitThe Visual Age , Muslim Children’s Books (Zanib Mian) , Ramadan Legacy –  2017Mini Muslim Playground , My Deen Box , Barakah London , Made by Ummi , Vertue Box , Mini Muslimah Dolls Muslim Business Marketing , My Ilm Box , Latifah Bint Mohammed , Books for Little Muslims , Anafiya Gifts , Kube Publishing , Sunnah HealingAlif Baa app , Quote Lovin , Layinka Sanni , Kdevision , Desi Doll Company  –  2016: Jannah Jewels , Ibraheem Toy House , Almaurid Books , Islamic Moments , Islamopedia , Halal Goodies , Simple and Vanessa , Muslimah Web Design

USA: Miraj Audio (2018), Eid Creations (2018) , Thinkernation (2018 & 2017) , Ali Huda TV (2018 & 2017), Azyaan (2018 & 2017) , Siraj Store (2017) , With a Spin (2018 & 2017) , Jasmine Dew Boutique (2017) , Djarabi Kitab Publishing (2017) , TheDuaJournal (2017) , Salaam Nutritionals (2017) , Little Maysoor (2017) ImaanShop (2017) , Genuine Articles (2016) Noor Box (2016) , JALBAS (2016 & 2017) , Grammarly (2015)

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We work with each brand/company individually to create a unique package of services that is mutually beneficial. If you feel that your business/product would be a good fit for our audience, please send an email to with a summary of your business or the product that you would like to be featured.
Following are some of the many ways Ayeina offers advertisement and brand awareness to its advertising partners.

1) Website Feature:

A) Side-Bar AD Space:
Available AD sizes are 300×250 (Square MPU) and 125×125 (Square Button). Please note that there are only 3 MPU ad spaces available at a time on first come first serve basis. Ads are tagged through our ad server. Also included with all ad serving is monthly analytics on impressions and clicks/CTR (plus a final report at the end of the agreement) in shaa Allah. 
Example: My Salah Mat
B) Be Listed in Our List-Posts:
C) Full Sponsored Product Post:
Example: Thinkernation
D) Business Feature:

2) Newsletter Promotion:

Example: Miraj Audio

3) Social Media Promotion:

A) #AlhamdulillahForSeries :
Handpainted watercolor poster (with your logo) on all social media accounts.
Examples: Hajj Safe (video) , Zaytoon Naturals (image)
B) Social Media Post:
Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (+IG stories), and Pinterest.
Example: Salaty (IG video), BabyShop (IG image), Ummi Baby and Co (FB video)

3) Offer Your Product for Any of the Contests (held twice a year):

Become a Part of Our Biyearly Contest on the Theme of Gratitude and Productivity (only the repeated brands pay to become a part of it (again), but all new collaborating brands participate for free – as long as they are willing to ship their product internationally) 
Productivity Contest
(Before Eid-ul-Fitr)
Gratitude Contest
(Before Eid-ul-Adha)
We run a hashtag #MuslimsCollab for the preparation of this contest each year – example seen below: