Youtube review by Salma ANM (from 10min mark)

“I finally got the book that I’ve been searching for for a long time…I was even stunned to know that the author of the book is someone I know AYEINA. I got their Alhamdullillah and I Will InshaAllah journals previously…” [Great things in Pakistan]

“On my son’s recent completion of a few surahs, I had made a deal with him to get him something special, and this @ayeina_official juz amma journal purchased from suhayla was the perfect gift. Each surah has a small tafseer, easy word for word meaning, colour-coded tajweed rules, and each surah has a journal page where you can jot down what you learned from the surah and how you can apply it in your life.” [@fidgetyfingerz]

“I was looking for Juzz Amma mini tafseer for my daughter to help her understand what she has been memorising and this journal has given me a lot more. It is beautifully written with attractive font and attractive colours to attract children. It is something you get happy only by looking at it. THANKYOU. Happy Mum 😊”

“Being a mother, I always wondered how will I make my kids learn about Quran and teach them its translation in the most interesting way. While exploring the books online, I came across this one which had a lot of colorful activities. I know my daughter loves art. So, I realized it is an excellent integration to make her enjoy learning Quran.” [@lifestylebee1]

“Highly recommended for kids Who struggle with Arabic language And would like to learn about holy Qur’an and Islam” [@kiddoz_life_coach]

“I am so impressed with the @ayeina_official Juz Amma journal I purchased from I highly recommend it to all mums who have kids learning suras. It’s such a beautiful way to immerse kids into the meaning of Qur’an and bringing into all aspects of their lives. May Allah accept this noble effort and accept it as a means of getting kids attached to the Qur’an. Ameen” [@sa.hijabi_lifestyle]

“This fantastic book is by @ayeina_official – i bought 2 – I had to buy one for myself because if by any chance they were to have bent a page then I would feel I can’t touch the book again (#ocdissues. It’s a stunning book allahumma barik- my favourite part is the summary of the surah in easily digestible language- which kind of suits my brain better too! Also for the amount of detail and work that has gone into this book it is ridiculously affordable- you can tell the intention behind it was not monetary.” [@montessori_homeschooling_uae]

“So a few days ago a friend of mine sent me a link to this Quran Journal. I ordered 2 copies my kids (7 and 12 year old) were given this as a gift on Eid. We started with the shorter surahs first. This goes just beyond recitation, memorizing and translation. We talk about how the teachings can be used in everyday life. I am excited about our journey through the Juzz.” [@shibaamin]

“I just looove this Journal. It’s perfect not only for kids but also for adults. Got one for me and my daughter and we love it. It’s very well structured, big font, and is very colourful. Already bought 3. Will be buying more for friends and family. Would highly recommend it to anyone.”

“The effort that has been put into making this by these lovely sisters @ayeina_officials is truly commendable and inspiring. May Allah accept it as a sadaqah jariyah and bless them in both worlds. With my eldest(5.8) beginning her Quran journey this is a savior, with colour coded tajweed, bold texts, easy translations all in one place. Inshallah making it easier for kids and adults alike looking to make a permanent relationship with the Quran. Also grateful to @saalim.alazhari for having reviewed and given his inputs. With having waited for so long for its arrival( pandemic crisis) and having it right in time for Ramadan , hoping to make the most of it this month. P.S: not a sponsored post😊” [@mohsina_iffath]

“Alhamdulillah after a tremendous duas of mothers around the world finally the colorful and much-awaited Amma Juz Journal 30 by AYEINA is available in INDIA at a fair price. Jazakallah Khair Ayeina sisters and team for this wonderful journal. I gifted this to my daughter and she is overjoyed to have it. I saw her spending time with this Juz journal completely for the past two days. Alhamdulillah. The design is stunningly colourful which kids will definitely love and of course, we will fall in love too.” [@muslimkidswishlist]

“This is a wonderful and interactive resource and I’m super grateful for Quranmoonlamp being a stockist and making it accessible for us all. Inshaa’Allah this will be a great resource for the young and the old”

“The Juz Ammah journal arrived! Just on time for Ramadan. I am so excited so stsrt out learning journey. InshaAllah Tabarakallah. Jazakillahu khayran @ayeina_official for producing this gem.” [@monikam_lovelearnhomeeducate]

“I would recommend that everyone buys this juz amma journal. It is a very efficient learning tool suitable for children and adults. May Allah reward all those that were involved in the publication and creation of this journal. Ameen”

“We are so happy and excited to go through it. @ayeina_official that’s an amazing job. May Allah reward you for the work.
I bought one only as I wanted to see the quality but now the 4 kids want their own 😅 and they are asking for juz tabarak and juz qad sami3a too.” [@fitmuslimah24]

“Very beneficial. The Juzz ammah journal is part of our homeschooling the girls never leave it since the day they’ve received it is the first book they pick up in the morning. Is a good start for my 5 year old. My older daughter is using it to understand the meaning of the Surahs she already finished. An amazing journal and I would advise all mums teaching their kids Quran to have it.” [Nawal M.]

“I just looove this Journal. It’s perfect not only for kids, but also for adults. Got one for me and my daughter and we love it. It’s very well structured, big font and very colourful. Already bought 3. Will be buying more for friends and family. Would highly recommend to anyone.” [Maria B.]

“I bought it for my grandson… but I love it too” [Salma R.]

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