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There’s nothing like seeing the smile on your kid’s face as they open their gifts on Eid morning after Eid Salah (or before that if you do it that way). The best gifts for kids help them navigate the world, discover new passions, and show kids that you care about them, just the way they are. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when shopping for gifts for kids. Every little human is unique in terms of their interests and tastes.

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Gift ideas for the bookworm

A bookworm is a person who enjoys reading (stemming from the larva of a wood-boring beetle that feeds on the paper and glue in books – kinda true because all bookworms start with eating books as babies 😝). We joke around our home usually – how I love writing books, my eldest loves reading books, my middle one loves watching books, and my youngest one (a baby) loves eating books 😁. If your child fits the definition, I hope they will love the following gift pack:

Eid Gift Bag (by Anafiya Gifts)

Perfect for boxed or book-ish Eid gifts.

Rabbi Zidni Ilma Notebook (by Islamic moments)

This A5 lined notebook with 160 perforated pages is great for jotting down notes, thoughts, and to-do lists (or like my daughter collects – wishlists! We call them dua-list in our home: anything that she wants but can’t have immediately – aka more books). 

Washi Tape (by Quote Lovin)

Bookworms are also stationary enthusiasts in general so a cute hijabi washi tape is a great addition for a little Muslimah.

Little Muslim / Muslimah Post-it Notes (by Anafiya Gifts)

A pack of 4 post-it notes with 4 different designs. 2 for the child and 2 for you may be if you’re a bookworm like your child ✋😝

The Prophet Described and The Prophet’s Pond (by Learning roots)

Let alone goosebumps, I get teary reading these two books EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I believe it’s a must have in every home. The Prophet Described weaves together classical accounts of the appearance and character of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, using the (referenced) narrations of those closest to him. While Prophet’s pond is a journey of a boy (Zayd) and his mother to find out who Zayd wants to meet by a special pond (referencing to hawd-e-kawthar in aakhirah).

Yan’s Hajj: The Journey of a Lifetime (by Kube Publishing)

Even though it’s about Hajj and parents may usually include it in Dhul Hijja, I’ve added this to the list because it is also a very heart-touching story about a big-hearted young man determined to perform Hajj despite not having enough money. How the story ends with “I love you Allah!” is a tear-jerker for sure.

Mr Gamal’s Gratitude Glasses + Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud (by Ruqaya’s bookshelf)

Both of these books are great if you want to talk to your kids about emotions and feelings. Like I repeat to my daughter often: “All feelings are acceptable, all behaviour is not”. So a book about a teacher teaching his grumpy students about positivity is a great addition in your home to talk about shukr, and the barakah that comes with it. While the second book discusses what we call a “tolerance cup”. How disappointments (one after another) make Zaid’s day gloomier by the minute and how his tolerance cup is filled, spilled, and then emptied (to accomodate more emotions all over again).

40 Hadith Nawawi Journal (by AYEINA)

Don’t want to toot my own horn but this upcoming hadith copywork and activity book is sure to get your bookworm and stationary enthusiast hooked while deepening their relationship with Islam (bi’idhnillah). Two Ramadans ago, I started الأربعون النووية ten days before the blessed month to pick up the momentum. Each day, we covered one hadith and discussed it. It became our favourite night routine – she used to ask me if I can narrate the next hadith to her. And that’s how this journal came into being. It still has not been officially published though so subscribe to to stay updated in shaa Allah.

Sitti’s Olive Trees (by Ndaa Hassan)

Sitti’s Olive Trees is a celebration of culture, family, storytelling, and precious olive trees. It’s a great book to open the discussion about Palestine with the kids.

Fatima Al Fihri (by Ahlankids)

Story of a Muslim woman who created the world’s first University and made history as a result. A child who loves books will realise what power books hold and how they can help change not only their own life but also others’.

Pastel Sunset Eid Treat Boxes (by Anafiya Gifts)

My daughter LOVES snacking while reading and I’m sure your little book lover does too. So pop in their favourite treats in this box and perhaps fill it with small goodies like more stationary 😁

Gift ideas for the artistic/creative child

Creativity is the skill and talent to use our imagination to create and solve. So an artistic or creative child finds new ways of solving a problem, sometimes intuitively. They daydream a lot and like to be independent because they have their own way of doing things. They take risks and learn from consequences. So here’s a list of Islamic products that may pique their interest:

Eid Mosque-Montage Gift Bag (by Anafiya Gifts)

Featuring a beautiful bright design to spark the creativity of your little art lover.

A set of 6 cookie cutters with shapes like lantern, crescent, star, mosque, camel and a sheep. They make great art tools (beyond baking too). You can trace the shapes for biscuits, cookies, cake, cheese, mini sandwich, pancake, French toast, soft fruits (eg: watermelon) or for crafts like making gift tags/ornaments/cake toppers with bake-able clay, bird feeder (get the directions here), candles (get the directions here), or any other art project where these shapes can be used.

“In Jannah, I want…” (Jannah Journal) – (Novelty Lift-a-Flap Art Book by AYEINA)

I personally started using this with my 3 year old (who is almost 7 now and loves exploring art techniques in the journal – we have filled around 4 journals by now lol). It has brought so many positive changes in her life alhamdulillah that I try to never leave this ritual even when I’m bone-tired. You can read all about this lift-a-flap shapes book with fold-away cardboard mosque cover HERE. The journal has stickers, stencils with 60+ art techniques and all about Jannah divided into 5 human senses.

Eid Mubarak Badges (by Anafiya Gifts)

A pack of 4 badges in a bright and child-friendly design. Perfect for Eid party bags!

Mosques Of The World Activity Book (by Kube publishing)

Allow your children to travel around the world’s most famous mosques through this beautiful activity book which contains many stickers!

Colour Me In Mosque Puzzle (by Anafiya Gifts)

A 40 piece colour-in puzzle featuring the beautiful Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque in Malaysia. It also includes 6 felt tips and a box to store your puzzle in.

The Colours of My Eid (book by Suzanne Muir)

Eid is a colourful holiday and every colour encountered evokes beautiful memories. The book is great for colour recognition and attaching them to their Muslim identity.

Little Muslim / Muslimah Mug (by Anafiya Gifts)

Kids can use their Little Muslim or Muslimah mug to store art supplies even.

Vibrant Soul – Colouring Book Inspired By Rumi (by Kube publishing)

This colouring book hosts intricate designs of minarets, floral patterns, and birds! Thought-provoking and uplifting quotes included inside are inspired by the eastern master poet, Jalal al-Din Rumi.

Eid Confetti Balloons (by Anafiya Gifts)

A pack of 5 double-sided-design confetti balloons filled with multi-coloured stars! Adds a touch of colours to any Eid party.

Gift ideas for the fun-loving/playful child

Playful kids are spontaneous and creative. They tend to be present-oriented and spirited, and they engage in their worlds without a particular goal in mind. Playfulness is often associated with being happy, imaginative, lighthearted, and free. These kids might even be termed as “naughty” sometimes because of their curious nature. If your child loves fun and play, check out the following list:

My Eid Goodies Gift Sack (by Anafiya Gifts)

I love reusable (and recyclable) materials. This means you will be accumulating less waste on Eid and will be able to use it twice each year in shaa Allah. These are bigger than they look and can hence fit many gifts inside alhamdulillah.

5 Pillars of Islam – Interactive Fabric Quiet Book (by AYEINA)

Kids will connect to the basic foundation of Islam – its five pillars while learning about numbers, colours, shahadah (TAWHEED), prayers and its various positions (SALAH), sunnah foods to start or end the fast with (SAWM), the meaning of giving (ZAKAT), and the rites of HAJJ through interactive play, visual stimulation, and tactile sensation with the help of buckles, zips, velcro, buttons, and a lot more. See the detailed video HERE.

Musa Loses His Prayer Mat – Lift The Flap Book (by My Musa Stories)

This is a cute play and pray idea. Musa’s prayer mat is green and gold. He carries it everywhere he goes. It’s time to pray, but where is Musa’s prayer mat? Lift the flaps and help Musa find it!

Pastel and Gold Tassels (by Anafiya Gifts)

A beautiful addition not only for Eid but for a child’s creative corner in general too.

Quran Cube Pray & Play Star (by Quran cube)

This little handheld toy with lights and sound features Quran (Surah Fatiha, Ayatul Kursi, 3 Quls), Dua’s (for sleep and waking up), and Nasheeds + Dhikr. Children can play and learn about Islam at the same time!

My Touch and Feel Alif Baa Taa (by Learning roots)

Using touch and feel materials, your little one will love the sensory experience. Each letter has been paired with an everyday Islamic or Arabic word illustrated with cute pictures.

Surah Journey Quran Game (by Quran plan)

Travel through deserts, mountains, and waterfalls to practice reciting surahs along the way. This Quran game helps strengthen hifdh of surahs in Juz Amma. Have fun playing, earn lots of rewards by reading the surahs and be the first to claim the treasure! See the in-depth video HERE.

The Giant Journey Puzzle (by Learning roots)

Help your child in getting to know about Allah’s finest creations – the Prophets. It’s an all-in-one story image which makes it visually engaging. There is a pathway that helps your child learn the order in which the Prophets were sent. The names tags of some of the Prophets are interchangeable so you can assess your child by asking them to put the name of the Prophet next to the correct image. 

Eid Mubarak Balloons (by Anafiya Gifts)

Add a touch of colour to your Eid with this pack of 10 balloons with 2 of each colour included.

Omar and Hana say Assalamu Alaikum (board book by Omar and Hana)

Learn about greeting each other with peace with, Omar & Hana Say Assalaamu Alaikum – The Song Book. Of course that would mean you would have to sing THIS SONG every night. You will be their screen time. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Fun Dough Arabic Letters (by Desi doll company)

Fun Dough cutters and tools included to make fun Arabic letter with Dough. Can be used with cookie dough and icing too!

Pastel Sunset Eid Cups (by Anafiya Gifts)

Pack of 10 paper cups can be used in so many different ways. Here are some of the ideas.

Gift ideas for the little worshipper

This category reminds me of the hadith where Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Seven (people) will be shaded by Allah by His Shade on the Day of Resurrection when there will be no shade except His Shade…a young person who has been brought up in the worship of Allah…” [Sahih al-Bukhari 6806]. Kids who love going to the mosque. Who love listening to your recitation. Who get worried when they see people going astray from the path of Allah. Who keep asking when can they meet Allah 💕 This gift pack is curated just for them!

Rainbow Eid Gift Sack (by QuoteLovin)

These super cute Eid sacks are made with organic linen to keep them durable for use for many years to come in shaa Allah.

Lantern Lights (by Anafiya Gifts)

Let lights create the ambience for their ibaadah, dhikr, and reflection.

Pink Floral Prayer Mat (by Quote Lovin)

This is lovingly handmade with a rich velvet material on top while finishing off the prayer mat with pompom fringe.

Quran Clip (by Learning Roots)

An elegant metallic Quran bookmark to remember the page your little one left their recitation on.

Juz Journals – Juz 28, Juz 29, Juz 30 (by AYEINA)

This aim of this A4 sized book is to enable a child to understand the Quran and form a deeper connection with Allah as a result. This book bridges that gap by providing the kids with a comprehensive colourful tool to improve their knowledge of Arabic, reflect upon the Qur’an, and apply it in their lives in shaa Allah. It not only helps the parent/teacher track a child’s complete Surah (recitation, memorisation, or understanding of the Qur’an) but also helps track their progress Aayah by Aayah. Juz Amma Journal with big clear Arabic text and word-by-word meaning for kids is the first part of the ‘Juz Journals’ Project, approved by the scholars. I’m a little biased of course, but it’s a result of many years of hard work. You can read all about it HERE.

Quran Moon Lamp – Galaxy (by Quranco)

A special bluetooth speaker featuring Duas, Hadith, Nasheeds, and Quran recitation from 17 world-renowned reciters and translation in 15 unique languages. The perfect gift for any child or adult to relax with ambient mood lighting, practice reciting Quran, learn new duas, and listen to hadith.

Who is Allah Workbook (by TheAzharis)

Follow along with the new ‘Who is Allah’ series and compete against The Azharis in getting to know Allah better.

5 Pillars Activity Booklet Collection (by My salah mat)

I would have definitely added the original My Salah Mat here as we’ve been using ours for more than 4 years now alhamdulillah. It will make a perfect Eid gift for the kids. I have lent it to my friends multiple times too and technically, its sound system should have stopped working based on how frequently it has been used all these years, but alhamdulillah it’s still going strong. But I wanted to highlight their pack of 5 Activity books based on the 5 pillars of Islam here. Each Activity Booklet comes full of fun puzzles, activities and educational information. 

Kiitab pen with Read and Rise book (by Learning roots)

This clever little device understands where your child is on a page and is able to read out anything they touch in the book. Double tap a word and Kiitab will also explain its rules to you, making it easier for your to understand what’s going on in each lesson. This will free up parents time at home and a teachers time in class, confident in the knowledge that your child is listening to the words being perfectly pronounced each time.

Lilac Rainbow Kids Hijab (by Quote Lovin)

Made from naturally breathable and super-soft cotton voile, these square-sized scarves are super cute for little girls.

Other than that, you can find more ideas HERE. What kind of gifts do YOU give your kids on Eid? I’d love to know in the comments below!


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