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Give your children an aayah a day memorization and tafsir challenge to do every single day and make it into a game. Everyone in the family can do it during the month of Ramadan or any month of the year really (winter vacations or summer vacations, etc.). If you plan on doing this in Ramadan, this is something your child can get involved in, even if they are not fasting to help them catch onto the spirit of Ramadan (which is the month of the Qur’an). The post provides a list of 30 verses from the Quran that can be used to teach children about Islam. The post also includes a FREE printable that you can download, print, and use to help your children memorize the verses (as linked below for the Arabic part)).

The entire Quran recitation section in Muslim Kids TV is great for memorisation – plays Ayah by Ayah and can repeat the times you want.

An Aayah a Day‘ FREE Printable Strips:

Following is the list of verses that I compiled. I designed this with my 8-year-old in mind too as I wanted to do this activity with her to benefit from and have something relevant to talk about in terms of our spiritual development. I pray that these PRINTABLE STRIPS help you too. You can download them for free. All the reference links are embedded in each mentioned VERSE (the underlined part) so you can go read it in Arabic too and recheck the references easily. The references are not mentioned in the printables to maximize the space so the text is not too small for you to read. If you won’t be printing the freebies, please come back to this article every day to read the whole hadith, or when narrating it to your child/children. If you benefit from this freebie bundle, please make dua for us (AYEINA and Muslim Kids TV – who helped us bring this post to life) and feel free to share it forward: 

1) Worship

It is You we worship and You we ask for help. [1:5]

Surah Fatihah is usually the very first surah muslim kids memorize and it’s the surah we never leave reciting frequently for the rest of our lives Subhan Allaah. Our salah is incomplete without it and so is our life. Every verse shall be taught to the Muslim child. They should know that a Muslim neither worships nor seeks help from anyone but Allaah.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

2) Patience

And seek help through patience and prayer…[2:45]

Patience comes with practice and is thus one of the toughest challenges for the kids to conquer. When it comes to patience, we think of being patient over big trials of life. For a child, it can be as simple as bearing the loss of a candy or getting to hear NO for a request or even a parent hugging another sibling for a teeny bit of a longer time. Guiding them towards salah or even a dua upon getting hurt is a blessing for them for the rest of their lives.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

3) Kindness

And speak good (words) to people…[2:83]

We being parents usually try our best to teach the art of kindness to our little ones. But do we work on enhancing their lexicon of kindness? May our acts and words of kindness towards them and others, reach their souls and become their actions and words in the very near future.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

4) Qadr

When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, “Be”, and it is. [2:117]

Nothing is tough for Allaah, He’s the strongest. He can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants and however, He wants, Subhan Allaah. It is all as easy and quick for Him to do as to say “be”.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Zain Bikha – cotton candy sky (my toddler loves the book version as I sing it out to him). It highlights how we go through both good and bad days – and how we stick to the hope regardless of our situation.

5) Competition

So race to (all that is) good…[2:148]

Competition comes naturally to humans. It’s a natural force that pushes one to achieve a goal. Allaah has encouraged it in the best direction i.e. to compete in goodness. This not only results in the betterment of a human but also in the betterment of the society as a whole Alhamdulillah. Despite encouraging kids in solely worldly competitions or discouraging them from wrong competitions…. encourage their energies towards the right.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

6) Healthy eating

eat from the good things which We have provided for you…[2:172]

In our focus on halal, we often neglect the tayyab part that is encouraged in Islam. Tayyab food is not only a good fuel for our physical health, but also for our emotional and spiritual health. When the kids see the efforts in bringing forth a healthy meal at home, they will honour the struggle and become thankful ان شاء الله

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Picnic of poems – Bismillah
  • D-Lish
  • Lil Doc (it is very educational in terms of explaining all things biology, but it also has lots of music so be prepared to mute every now and then).

7) Dua

indeed I am near. I respond to the prayer of the supplicant…[2:186]

Knowing how close is Allaah to us and how concerned is He about our prayers, develops a bond that a child can imagine and feel. This will increase his reliance on his Creator and Sustainer. Make it a habit to make duas in front of them so they also learn the etiquettes, ways, and words of supplication.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

8) Effort

And take provisions, but indeed, the best provision is Taqwa…[2:197]

After knowing Allaah and building that relationship of love with Him, comes the urge to seek His pleasure and fear of displeasing Him. That’s the real effort in His way and that’s what taqwa is, which is mentioned multiple times in the aayaat of the Quran.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

9) Capacity

Allah does not burden a soul beyond its capacity…[2:286]

Like every human is born with a different temperament, similarly Allaah has shaped each soul with a different capacity and will be questioned accordingly. Alhamdulillah Allaah has assured us in the Quran that none of us are burdened (generally as well as specifically) more than what we can bear. This is the key to success, for it makes us focus more on the opportunities and less on complaining.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • TAY (thinking about you) – The animation itself is amazing and set in a desert, but please note that this series has music in it so you or your child will have to be active muters.

10) Sunnah

If you (really) love Allah then follow me, Allah will love you…[3:31]

Attaining the love of Allah is the purpose of our lives. And He sent among us, a human like us to model the life that is praise worthy in the sight of Allaah. A beautiful man inside out who was not only concerned for himself and his family but for every single human on this earth till the end of times. What a man of quality, love, strength, and consideration. The more we go through seerah, the more we develop that love for the prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. The more we try to act upon his sunnah, the more we feel the softness of our hearts and then the more it gets easier to attain His love through the channel He has designed for us.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

11) Charity

You will never achieve righteousness until you donate from what you love…[3:92]

Giving in charity something (or someone) you love for the One you love more is a wholesome experience. One of the best examples lies in the story of Ibrahim a.s. and Ismael a.s. where the love of Allaah for Ibrahim overcame his love for his long-awaited-son. Children shall be given opportunities to spend in the way of Allaah from what they possess and what they love, through encouragement, love, and guidance.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

12) Tawakkal

Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us and the best Protector. [3:173]

Tawakkal is part of our eeman which usually gets tested at the trials and tribulations. The recent state of our ummah has shattered every one of us for we are like one body. And subhan Allaah the amount of tawakkal we are seeing among our oppressed brothers and sisters has left all of us flabbergasted. Prophets and sahabas and the righteous predecessors have already been role models for us. But we are seeing their examples in this very era in front of our eyes. We shall gather ourselves, upon tawakkal alAllah while keeping struggling to do the best possible we can.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • The Tower – This is an emotional Palestinian story (suitable for elder kids).

13) Arrogance

Indeed, Allah does not like those who are arrogant and boastful. [4:36]

Arrogance is usually a term that is hard to be uttered through mere definition for the kids to understand well. Thus, it can best be described through the stories from the past especially those whom Allaah or His messenger mentioned. The stories of Firawn, Qaroon, and many such arrogant men can be narrated to kids to spot this disease ان شاء الله.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

14) Forgiveness

But forgive them, and overlook (their misdeeds)…[5:13]

As the sense of forgiveness comes with time, patience, and knowledge, it is upon us parents to guide, encourage, and facilitate the environment of forgiveness. It can be achieved through practicing what we teach and educating in a practical manner through stories and application.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Learning with Zaky – forgiveness (highlighting Allah’s Mercy and the importance of repentance – forgiving someone the same way you want forgiveness).

15) Aqeedah

And with Him are the keys of the unseen; no one knows them except Him…[6:59]

Aqeedah refers to the matters which are believed in, with certainty and conviction, in one’s heart and soul. And there exists no doubt about them. This is the base of everything. Once the heart and it’s belief in the matter is straight, every intention and every action is straight and right.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Science Explosion – Spinning seeds (an explanation of how seeds are miraculously distributed in what may seem such random movements, but with Qadr Allah, they reach their exact destination).
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16) Purpose

Indeed, my prayer, my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds. [6:162]

A person with a purpose is a person with focus, a path, determination, and consistency, for he knows his destination and is adamant about achieving it. We don’t have to go find on hit and trial our purpose for long years as Allaah has defined our purpose of creation and life as a whole in a very clear manner Alhamdulillah.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

17) Names of Allah

And the best Names belong to Allah, so call upon Him by them…[7:180]

The very first way to know someone is to know their name. Alhamdulillah for we are taught that our Rabb is Allaah from the very start but many of us haven’t known Him really till very grew pretty old or even till now. To really love and obey Him without questioning Him, we shall know Him well. This will ان شاء الله make the journey towards Allaah very easy. And knowing His names and attributes and calling Him with those names is the way to build that connection.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • The Azharis – 25 Episodes of Season 2 of the Azharis are all about the Names of Allah (we love this series because kids get to see real kids learning Islam while being kids – super relatable).

18) Quran

When the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy. [7:204]

We frequently tell our children that upon reciting the Quran, we get rewarded ten times for every single Arabic alphabet. It is equally important to educate them about this beautiful ayah. Make it a habit to play an audio or recite the Quran in turns daily, to hear the recitation of the Quran silently while focusing on it. ان شاء الله we will be at the receiving end of His mercy and also feel the calmness.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Quranic Words – to understand the Quran in depth with word-by-word vocabulary-building techniques.
  • Understanding the Quran – Quran tafsir with examples to simplify things for the kids.
  • Quran 1-2-3 for beginners (kids who are still at Qaida stage)

19) Reward

Indeed, Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good….[9:120]

Indeed with Allaah, are the records of our every single deed along with our intentions. So when a good deed accompanied by seeking reward from Allaah alone, is committed… know Allaah won’t let the reward of it go to waste. This is why even half of a date can save a person from hell fire as stated by our beloved prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

Muslim kids tv for little ones - best islamic content shows games cartoons

20) Dhikr

Surely in the remembrance of Allah the hearts find comfort. [13:28]

No matter how much we stay available for our kids, how much we teach them the right things, how much we try to make them independent… they still will go through phases where they’ll find us missing, find us limited, find us not enough. And the only One who can make them feel strong and whole is the Creator of their bodies and souls. They shall know that only Allah is the One Who is to be approached first and foremost before anyone in this dunya. He’s the One they need to stay connected to all the time. Making dhikr/ remembering Him in every aspect of life is what fills these hearts with serenity and happiness Alhamdulillah.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

21) Gratitude

If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more…[14:7]

Gratitude is what, Allaah has opened His Book of guidance and treasures with. And this surah is a reminder without which a Muslim’s day is incomplete. Allaah has made sure to keep us reminding of this trait as shaitan wants us to do complete opposite. May we keep seeking the blessings and barakah from our attide of gratefulness.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Ramadan Mat Jo – Gratefulness (we simply just mute and read the subtitles – for the little ones, you may describe alongside).

22) Blessings

Whatever blessings you have are from Allah…[16:53]

Every single blessing we get blessed with, is from Allaah alone. He’s the One without Who’s will, not even a single morsel of food can travel down our throats subhan Allaah. Thus, we shall know that our body parts working is a blessing from Allaah, we being able to breathe is a blessing from Allaah, we being able to walk is a blessing from Allaah, our beautiful relarionships are from Allaah…hence every single blessing is from Him.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Hi Ho Hippity Hop – Bismillah (Arabic rhyme – highlighting how bismillah is a path to welcoming more blessings in life).

23) Test

And We test you with evil and good as a trial, then to Us you will be returned. [21:35]

This dunya is not a place to stay Alhamdulillah. Allaah has chosen a way better place for us to live in forever with no pain, sadness, tiredness or any ill feeling. Then why this dunya? Why are we here? This dunya is a place for test and we are here only for a short while till we go back to Allaah happily ان شاء الله.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

24) Benefits of prayer

Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing…[29:45]

Besides being an obligation in deen, salah comes with an appointed time, regularity, and consistency to make it a foremost part of our daily routine. When you meet someone influential, someone whom you love, someone you are in awe of, someone amazing, someone extraordinary… the impact stays with you the strongest for a while before it starts to fade and that’s who you think through your next set of activities… Similarly, when we respond to the adhan, get up to meet Allaah and finish that meeting… we stay in that very state (of consciousness) and that’s why till the next salah it gets harder to commit anything that Allaah prohibits. How beautifully has He made us protected from the evil whispers of the shaitan, Subhan Allaah.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Dada and Me – Salah song (starting with dada reminding the child to pray). It sounds very music-ish, but it says it has vocals and duff only. and Anger song (which can be tied to the concept of how salah keeps us away from wrongdoing).
salahud din ayyubi animation cartoon for muslim kids

25) Honouring Parents

And We have commanded people to honour their parents…[46:15]

Allaah has kept some rights and duties, for both parents and their children. When we as parents fulfill our duties towards what Allaah has entrusted us with, it gets easier for the children to fulfill their duties towards their parents Subhan Allaah. For Allaah blesses barakah in whatever we do for His sake. Honour your young ones and you will see the same pattern. However, children shall know that honouring their parents is a command that comes from the highest authority. The one who molded them and gave them life. And this is one of the dearest deeds in the sight of Allaah سبحانه وتعالى.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

26) Taqwa

And whoever is mindful of Allah, He will make a way out for them. [65:2]

Those who choose Allaah over every person, everything, and ever desire… Allaah chooses them for Himself. What an honour subhan Allaah. He makes the path of righteousness easier for them to tread on. He pushes the path of evil away from them. He makes his affairs easy for him and guides him in his decisions.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Tian Tian (Arabic) – Lost bracelet (it has music in between though so you will have to be around to mute it or if your kids are big enough to understand the concept, then they can mute the music whenever it comes). P.S. Watching Arabic cartoons has been great in terms of getting comfortable with this beautiful language.

27) Allah’s Love

And He is the All-Forgiving, All-Loving. [85:14]

  1. While struggling through the challenges of parenting, many of us lose the focus of raising kids i.e. to let the creation of Allaah stay on fitrah, to keep that beautiful bond alive and flourish it through guidance and love. In order to get things done and in the hassles of life, parents usually after introducing Allaah to the kids, start frightening them with words like: Allaah will punish you for it, Allaah will get angry…Do you really think Allaah will do that in this much time and intensity to a child who’s not even obliged to pray yet? Link your children first to Allaah for what His affair will be with them if they die today. He’ll be ever forgiving, ever loving with no doubt.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

28) Priorities

And indeed the Hereafter is better for you than the present (life of this world). [93:4]

When the concept of the life, of this dunya and the aakhirah, is made clear. And we establish a strong belief in it, our focus automatically starts to shift and our priorities straighten up. We start giving value to the aakhirah more and start seeing this dunya as a tool to gain the best in the forever living place.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • The Golden Age – You can explore the concept of past and present with stories from the past.
  • Saladin (for elder kids).
  • Imagine Jannah – the art series is a perfect way to introduce the beauty of aakhirah to the kids while engaging in creative play.

29) Hope

Indeed, with hardship ease. [94:6]

Hope is the lifeline that maintains one’s resilience even in the hardest of times when many get too exhausted to function anymore. Allaah assures us of this hope and reveals to us that no matter what…

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Emoji express – Children getting to know about their emotions is half the hardship solved. The more we talk about emotions, the more resilience we gift to our children.
mental health for Muslim kids free ebook pdf

30) Record of deeds

So whoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, will see it. And whoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom, will see it. [99:7-8]

This ayah is enough evidence and motivation to stay mindful. Keeping it in mind can keep us in control over our decisions, desires and actions.

Relevant resources (from Muslim Kids TV) to solidify the concept:

  • Once upon a time – stories are a great way to get this message across to little kids that we all will see the results/consequences of our actions, not only in the aakhirah, but also in dunya sometimes.

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Fridays are kids' screen day along with the recent addition of Monday (or sometimes Sunday) as Arabic screen day where they get to choose any Arabic games or videos from the app to solidify their Arabic learning.
Muslim kids tv for little ones - best islamic content shows games cartoons

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