SHE (a poem for her)

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Importance of SHE - roles of a woman rolled in different shapes and forms, ages and norms, within calm and the storms - a poem for HER.

Happy to Not be Me

fantasy ayeina samina farooq
How society teaches us to be ourself yet force down our throats, the photoshopped images and unrealistic standards. So instead of trying to be everyone else, a realistic ideal is presented. So I'm happy to not be me !

From Finite to Infinity – Life in Jannah (part 2)

ayeina islamic poetry
Maybe you had daughters that you treated so well Maybe your children died and your sabr pulled you up Maybe you died with them, never bidding Islam farewell Sticking to Laa ilaaha as last words for a ticket above

He put the MAN in Manly

what world tells us about manliness vs what real manliness is - lived by a real man.


ayeina islamic poetry
4 Qul rhymed


islamic poetry ayeina
Self-healing through repentance.
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