finite to infinity ayeina


Think of all the things you wanted but couldn’t have 

All the things you could have but didn’t want

The bundle of finite good deeds you amassed

You wished to show them off but didn’t flaunt


You lie not while joking or fight when right

You didn’t do good for the temporary reward

You let not Satan lead you into pride or shirk

All you sought, was the pleasure of your Lord


slave by choice you were

To a master who deserved the best

Yet He demanded none but your heart

Though damaged but repaired with regrets


You didn’t sell your soul for a little price

You saved it till the market was high

And you sold it to the best buyer

Who’s mercy then dragged you to Paradise


You were pleased with your Lord

And the religion He chose for you

You raced for His forgiveness

Sticking to tawakkal and what was true 


You fulfilled your obligations and did ihsan too

You couldn’t give much but constantly gave your best

You were grateful to Allah no matter what

And you kept no grudges in your chest


You devoted your youth to Allah

In solitude, you shed all your precious tears

You treated everyone with respect

And looked after an orphan as a volunteer


You promoted good and forbade bad

Yet you never judged anyone

You followed a path in quest of knowledge

But your parents, you never shunned


You restrained your gaze, even locked your tongue

You caged your thoughts and counted each breath fall

So now your soul is free in a body unbound by death

As you never considered minor sins so small


So now you enter as VIP, while everyone waits

You step in and already know your home

Private palace of jewels with no noise or rent

Purely accustomed for you is your dome


You’re surprised how it’s exactly what you love

Intricacy in each and everything so bold

Royally placed, silver doors and bricks of gold

Without the excessive heat or the bitter cold


You see golden butterflies fluttering around a tree outside

So you travel beneath the shade of its glory for 100 years 

Colors of branches, your eyes have never seen

You start sweating musk with whatever that appears


Scenery being painted in front of you as you think

In Lush green gardens, your ride you park

Suspended there thinking, is this all mine?

Even when my result card had many red marks


Now think of never having to feel hunger and stress

Feeling intensity of pain, inconceivable by brain

All the truths unravel and it’s all clear at once

No arguments to prove who’s sane or insane


No regrets, no wait, no hatred or discrimination

No sorrow or fatigue, not wanting to catch a wink

Boredom, a word you simply forgot

Wishing that your eye would now never blink 


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  1. SubhanAllah !
    What an awesome choice of words.
    May Allah reward you with the best.
    Keep the ‘finite to infinity’ coming!


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