ayeina islamic poetry

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What you seek is what you see and hear

Smelling the best and thinking the rest

World of perfection with nothing to fear

It couldn’t get any better yet you got the best

You squint at the special upper abodes

Far away from you shining like bright stars

You keep thinking you couldn’t ever reach them

Until you get upgraded from where you are

Maybe you had daughters that you treated so well

Maybe your children died and your sabr pulled you up

Maybe you died with them, never bidding Islam farewell

Sticking to Laa ilaaha as last words for a ticket above

The tarbiyyah you did of your kids and their duas

Added to your finite deeds even after death

Maybe you never had kids yet you collected

So much sadaqa jaariya that you were out of breath

Maybe some among your pious mates up there

Wanted you with them in Jannat-ul-Firdaus

You couldn’t be happier for the blood you shared

Or maybe they were from the friends you chose

You go up there and get filled with awe

For you never imagined such beauty ever existed

Suddenly you see all the prophets gathered

Facing each other on raised thrones coexisting

Surrounded with gold trees and soil more fragrant than musk

With Pebbles underneath of rubies, pearls and sapphire

Eating together delicious food and fruits, melting in mouth

Dressed in gold embroidered, fine green silk attire

Around them, servants revolve like scattered pearls

With never fading youth and cushions lined on stage

Access to celebrities not surrounded by security

Adam, Musa, Esa and Muhammad; all same age

You rush to them in excitement and suddenly

Musa (as) create a parted sea with his staff

Your pace suddenly slows down to absorb its grandeur

You had to close your eyes to even imagine this half

But now it’s a reality, eyes wide open

Never 4D had so many dimensions

Overload of senses makes your heart burst

As your mind is stampeded with 1000 questions

Muhammad (saws) says salaam taking your name

And you can’t decide whether to cry or faint with glee

So you just stand with them all, shoulder to shoulder

And pray as Prophet Muhammad (saws) leads

The river of emotions flow amid your veins

But a drenched soul can’t express the gratitude enough

The tides of rapture bring a hurricane inside

The soul soars high with heartbeats engulfed

You ask for the staff from Musa (as)

And rush to your mates to show off your delight

In your way you find Sulaiman (as)

You ask for his winged horse and take it for a flight

You join the Angels, Ja’far and the Martyrs

Flying like green birds with freedom

You fill your cup at hand, with delicious Tasneem

Right from the top of flowing spring of Eden

You look down and see adorable babies around Ibrahim

Mountains humming along the rhythm of Dawud

You never heard the melody so beautiful

As more hypnotizing voices join in the mood


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