PART 1: Complete List of Quranic Duas

Note: The poem is a collection of most of my favourite Masnoon duas. Refer to the hyperlinks for references (complete duas in Arabic/English). 

O Allah! I ask You that I make the best appeal

the best supplication and the best deeds

Grant me the understanding of deen

Beneficial knowledge and acceptable deeds

Save me from the evil of my soul

Let light pour through every pore

I ask You for honor and all the goodness

& words that bring me near to forgiveness

Forgive me for all my excess

sins that are hidden or sent ahead

Grant me Your love and love of those You love

Make my love for You exceed whatever else I love

Reform for me my world

& the hereafter, where we will return

Grant a good end in all our matters

Save us from humiliation & torment of hereafter

I ask You for contentment on Your decree

Don’t let my nafs take over me

Make me one most grateful to You

& the one who always turns towards You

One who remembers, fears and obeys you greatly

One who exhibits humbleness & sighs greatly

Keep me alive till life is best for me

Grant me death when that’s best for me

I seek Your protection from an evil neighbor

And a treacherous friend who gives my faults an exposure

A spouse who ages me before my time

And children who become a source of misery and strife

I ask You for guidance, taqwa, and contentment

And protection from wealth that becomes a torment 

Make light in my heart, my hearing, my sight

my tongue, between my hands, my left and my right

Bestow me with light above and below

In front, behind, in my body and my soul

Make the guidance easy for me

Help me against those who oppress me

May I love the deprived ones

And be a guide for the righteous ones

Take from me an easy reckoning

Purify my soul and forgive for me my sin

Make my home spacious and let Your provisions expand

Ease out the hardships that I have to stand

With Your Halal, please suffice me

Bless me in all that You’ve granted me

Forgive our ignorance for us

Make us pleased and be pleased with us

Purify my heart from riya and hypocrisy

My tongue from lying and my eyes from treachery

Don’t let our enemies rejoice

Or let my grave be full of trials

Make my death a source of peace

Place coolness of my eyes in Your worship

Keep me alive in state of humbleness

Allah! Accept my repentance

I leave to You my needs


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