finite to infinity islamic poetry

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All your life you thought of meeting those ancestors in heaven

Who sacrificed their lives for your faith to be strong

Their efforts were what made it easy for you

You owed them a token of thanks all along

“Was it a woman with a smile?

When her hands and feet were pierced by nails?

Or was it a man, thrown into fire

When he didn’t put his faith on sale?”

Reward of those who suffered in the world

Made you yearn, your skin were sliced

Now that they find delight in their past miseries

You hear their sad stories with a smile

Above all earthly cares they now soar

Beyond the hurts they there patiently endure

You watch light flow from broken hearts

Maybe you’re one of them or furthermore

Suddenly you’re interrupted with a magical voice

Which is even better than what you heard before

The voice of your Creator addressing you

He’ll show Himself clear like a full moon‘s decor

Goosebumps take all over you with anticipation

And you hold your breath till you see His face

You feel like shouting at top of your lungs

SubhaanAllah, when He uncovers His grace

And you whisper to yourself “Alhamdulillah,

My Master didn’t let me be influenced by them

Those who said there was no God or heaven or hell

If only they had a heart attached to a brain stem

If only they could see what I’m seeing right now

Their doubts wouldn’t have ever rid them of hope

Hope of being able to see the invisible

But womb to dust was their only known globe”

You have every desire at your fingertips

Yet you want to do nothing but quietly stare

At One who’s guidance reverted your soul

It’s like you’re new yet you, but ensnared

You don’t feel like going to the Friday market anymore

For your beauty is enhanced with just a glance

Seeing Musa (as) looking at His Rabb without fainting

You just circulate in an infinity loop of euphoric trance

A single life seed you sowed

Reaped into forever more

Each and every wish granted

In fulfillment, you run out of more

Wanting this all will never end

So end will be put to death forever

So much joy that you could just die

But death has died forever

Never before were dreams so real

Never can after reality be more

Never before was ecstasy such

And never can after, life be most

My imagination is made up of what I know

It doesn’t go beyond my thoughts

So I wait in serenity till that day comes

When reality will join all the dots

The test is here and results there

Do you just dream or you strive?

For time is running and the price is high

Limited offer but worth a life

Or more…


  1. May Allah bless us all and the entire Muslims fraternity globally and as well guide us all to the straight path and may Allah guide those who are mislead by the devil Amin.


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