I WILL in shaa Allah Reviews – Productivity Journal for Muslims

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Reviews and Features of "I WILL in shaa Allah" Productivity Journal for Muslims. The Islamic journal has been divided into 4 categories - spiritual development, personal development, strengthening relationships and goals & dreams - to help you become a better Muslim inside out!

Juz Journals (Colourful Word by Word Quran for Kids)

BUY (internationally) or BUY (from your LOCAL retailers - tagged in the caption of this post) See how I have been using it with my kids (and nieces) in our highlights: JUZ 30 , JUZ 29 , JUZ 28. We tested them with our kids for...

Jannah Journal Reviews (In Jannah, I want…)

“There are so many concepts explored in this journal! It consists of ahadith and ayaat on Jannah which have been divided into 5 sections for the 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. All the ahadith and Quranic ayaat have been adequately referenced....

Barakah Planner (Hadith & Quran Journal with Daily Salah Planner)

undated islamic planner - barakah daily salah planner, hadith journal, quran journal
Barakah Planner (Hadith & Quran Journal with Daily Salah Planner) - Undated Islamic Planner for maximum productivity as a Muslim.

Gratitude Journal for Muslims (#Alhamdulillah For Series)

front and backside of the book, teach muslim kids about gratitude, teach gratefulness, raising muslim kids, ayeina_official
A month of helping you and your kids develop an attitude of gratitude in shaa Allah. Because an Alhamdulillah a day keeps scarcity away. An Islamic journal launched in 2015 - to develop a positive mindset in the ummah - that is focused on optimism and blessings in life to open doors for more joy and smiles.

Productivity Journal for Muslims (I will in shaa Allaah)

Islamic Productivity Journal will give you templates &prompts along with watercolor illustrations in each category that will spark reflection & motivation - categories include: spiritual and personal development, exercises to strengthen relationships and define your goals.

Bilingual Dhikr Pack for Muslim Kids – in English & Arabic

dhikr pack all 3 islamic board books
Foster the Islamic practice of daily tasbeeh, tahmeed, and takbeer with your Muslim child, creating a special bedtime routine that nurtures a strong bond while counting and completing your adhkaar together 💕
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