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Chapter 2: Verse 60-62

Bani Israel wasn’t just being ungrateful and impatient (as we can see in these verses) but ponder over their attitude…
1. They didn’t even consider making du’a themselves rather asked Musa (a.s.) to pray for their “worldly desires”.
2. They held no relation with their Rabb as they said to Musa (a.s.) “YOUR” Rabb (فَادْعُ لَنَا رَبَّكَ)  instead of OUR Rabb – No love or association with Allah who rescued them so miraculously. 

Isn’t that an easy way out? To get all your prayers answered? Do as you like, disobey Allaah, and then ask those who are closest to Him to make du’a, expecting to get all the wishes fulfilled on behalf of someone else’s good deeds.  

So many Muslims consider it enough that they are in good relations with some peer baba g (saint?) and be their mureed (blind followers). The only one they have to keep happy is that peer and *kaboom* all problems are solved. Magically, you get a ticket to Jannah even while disobeying Allaah.
Do we really think this is possible? A place that no eye has ever seen and no mind has ever imagined can be yours on the basis of what others did? We just read this in previous lessons:


And fear a Day when no soul will suffice for another soul at all, nor will intercession be accepted from it, nor will compensation be taken from it, nor will they be aided. (2:48)

Another subtle way of such attitude is to ask others to pray for our Hidayah (guidance) while doing nothing on our own.
The realization that we need guidance is good too, but we should attain knowledge and put it into practice with a personal sincere du’a as well. Start with anything! If you know that interest and riba is a war against Allaah and His messenger, leave it! You know that hijab is an obligation, take it! You know that music has no place in Islam, abandon it! Try and with du’a Allaah will surely make it easy. 

Most of us here have spent at least 10 to 12 yrs of our lives struggling to attain some level of education without most of us knowing what are we heading towards or what is our destination…so can’t we struggle for something we know the reward of? Where knowledge is more than a piece of paper. Where knowledge is applied instead of just crammed. Where knowledge not only changes our life but the life of people around us as well…(in shaa Allah)

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  1. Allah gives us the example of bani israel so that we can learn ……. If we relate everything with todays muslim we r not very far away from them. We dont want to change our lifes to the way of Allah we dont pray as we are instructed we dont live or dress up or even eat like Hazrat muhammad (s.a.w). We do all the *wazifas* for getting jobs for passing university exams. Is this for what we are chosen for as last ummah?
    No dought we are giving away a better thing for our worldy life that is temporary and will end soon.

  2. True. There’s no dignity in slavery of anything and anyone except Allah. Creation will always be inferior in everything vs. Creator. So indeed they exchanged better with something so less. In Bani Israel’s case – even lesser. As they started worshipping “creation” of the Creation.

  3. i noted down this verse into my dairy..
    “would you exchange for what is better for what is less?” (2:61)
    … to think and to ponder that what i have been spending all my time on in daily household chores, television, internet surfing etc.. and what i should “actually” be spending my time on… and to reschedule my daily routine life so that i dont exchange lesser things for better things in my life…
    May Allah be with us all throughout our lives… Ameen


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