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Chapter 2: Verse 49-59


Words of Allah –  memorised but not understood, read but not absorbed, recited but not applied.

Words of Allah – used for debates, to put each other down, twisted to justify our behavior and to point fingers at everyone.

Words of Allah – hung around our necks for protection, beautified in our rooms for decoration. Embellished on the walls and around our necks, but not in our hearts.

Words of Allah – recited out of fear alone but not out of love, recited in illness but not in health, recited amidst danger but not amidst peace, recited at the start of life and the end of it, but hardly in between.

Words of Allah – used to raise our necks high, belittle the less knowledgeable, to show off righteousness, wallow in pretentiousness and arrogance. Though words of Allah were meant to make us more humble with more knowledge. Greatness belongs to Him alone.

Words of Allah – used for everything but guidance.

We forget the basic purpose of His divine speech and try to make up for that in other ways that aren’t even required from us. Perhaps out of guilt…
Indeed, we do zulm on our own souls.

Still, after all that, Allah is the Most Forgiving. Even when we choose to not listen, not obey. Allah pardons so we become grateful at least…

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