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Chapter 2: Verse 26-29

Many take guidance from the divine words and many take the path of misguidance. What is it that makes both of them have such different impact in their life from the same thing? What is the difference that made so many people take the path of righteousness through these words while made some people so arrogant and ignorant? What is it that makes some see divinity in it while some don’t see anything but faults? Is it that not all of us are able to perceive beauty?

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Allaah says ‘misguided are only those who are “fasiqeen” (the transgressors)’.

The kind of people who are worse than those who see thorns in a beautiful rose, who see half quarter empty in a full glass, who claim to see things their eyes aren’t even able to see, who see bad in everything. No matter how much beauty it exudes. They will take out the worst in it and they will make it up if it doesn’t exist or at least try to take away the beauty by instilling doubts. I say worse than all above because it’s true that rose has thorns and a glass could be filled more, but they are worse because they try to rub dirt on something so perfect and divine. The Book of Allaah. The words of our Creator. Creator and Provider of even those who deny Him.

What is it that made lives of great men and women even greater while we read and read yet it doesn’t change any part of our life?
The words of Creator have been the same all along, but the effects on creation have been entirely individual. What makes some see so much beauty in what others see ugliness? I think the answer lies in our hearts. A pure heart breathes pure life. Pure words. It sees the blooming rose instead of thorns. It highlights a growing flower beside a volcano. It looks at a half glass full. It wants to see beauty in everything and hence it is visible.

A pure heart is not deluded. It is able to see imperfection in things as well. It’s clarity within makes the perception wider. Which is why it tries to stay away from toxicity. It knows that the world is an imperfect place and there will be evil beside good. But knowing its focus, it can spot beauty among all the imperfections. And most of all it knows that it needs something more pure to keep itself clean. The words of Allaah…


  1. 1. Allah only misguides fasiq who transgresses : limits of Islam , humanity or anything ! Which teaches us to do everything in moderation and not transgress the limits in our acts be it a dunyawi or deeni amal
    ( if I got d meaning of fasiq right that is :s)

    2. Breaking a promise made on Allaha name has a huge meaning so we sud stop saying Allah ki qasm at evry little thing -.- who knows what we might be saying turns out wrong and then there’s a huge price to pay !! :/

    3. Whatever Allah has asked us to join we sudnt cut it as in : ties of relationships and neighbors and etc
    So cutting ties off is not to be done as it spreads fasad on earth and we will be the ones who suffer then !


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