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Chapter 2: Verse 30-39

We only associate knowledge of deen (religion) to Allaah – thinking that it’s the only knowledge Allaah gave us (through Qur’an). As mentioned in the verses, Allaah taught Aadam (عليه السلام) names of everything. Defined everything to Him. And if Allaah wouldn’t have given us brains that were capable of thinking in such complex ways, we wouldn’t have gained knowledge of dunya and explored the world further more. Allaah could’ve given us brains like that of animals – who can function in the world normally too. They survive fine by eating, sleeping and playing. They don’t care about anything else. We were created with a higher purpose hence higher strengths. And eventually, a higher number of tests. 

This is the same brain that Aadam, Hawwa (Eve) and Iblis were given. Iblis showed symptoms of a disease that were already there. While Aadam and Hawwa repented.
They humbled down even when they were created greater than angels. While Iblis gave rationality as an excuse to his arrogance.
Both were sent down on Earth. Iblis took that as a punishment and hence rebelled. Aadam and Hawwa took that as a test and hence turned to Allaah. Iblis blamed Allaah while Aadam and Hawwa realised their own mistake.

What a contrast between two kinds of beings who were given the same brain and a free will along with it. Both used it so differently. Previously, we saw how a change of heart can yield different results in different individuals. Same goes with the brain, soul, body, time, free will…we all have all of these but how we use it makes whole lotta difference.

P.S. I hope nobody is still thinking that Iblis (Shaitan) was once an angel. That is a popular Christian belief. Iblis was a Djinn (another creature that’s given free will by Allaah). Also, another misconception to clear is that Hawwa (Eve) wasn’t the one who strayed Aadam. Eve wasn’t evil and so wasn’t Aadam. Satan caused BOTH of them to slip because he was envious and jealousy still burns within him. May Allaah protect us from his incitements till our last breath.

waswaas hamazaat ish shayateen evil thoughts


  1. 1. Only Allah has all knowledge and He grants as much He wishes to those Whom He wishes ! So we shud always keep asking Allah for increase in ilm if studying as He alone can help in that matter no matter how much we read or study ! unless He wishes we won’t get a thing !

    2 . Takabbur krne wale ko kafir ek sath likha gya so that’s like takabbur Muslim me HO nhi skta ! It’s such a disliked quality !!!!! That we underestimate and usually so much boast ourselves infrint of friends : be it knowledge or beauty or height or figure and then disgrace the one who doesn’t have it ! Make fun of him! What we forget is that it’s not OUR THING ! It can be taken back whenever Allah wishes ! so better be humble about it than lose it !

    3. If we disobey Allah we are zalim on ourselves !

    4. Allah already predisposed that we are dushman of each other ! So kya ghm krna if someone does bad to you ? They were made to do that ! It was in their nature ! It’s like ur in a game where there are those zombies Jin se ap ko bchna hay ! And if they hurt u no big deal no sorrows as it was meant to be ! hasad , back biters , afwah phelairs , mazaq urhane wale : these are all a bit of tools they use to war with us ! and if they are dushman ! U can’t expect any good from them ! Just expect strikes ! And wounds ! Don’t be shocked when mistreated !
    Cx they can never be our friends truly .

    Wow this thing I never knew. it changes my thinking a lot !! About when ppl hurt u n u go all sad ! Plus I kept reading these aya n I ws like okay this is a. Story what lesson do I take from here ? and then reading it again and again it’s like chains open in ur mind u see things that weren’t there in the first reading !


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