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This lesson had so many of my favourite verses that I want to write on each and every one of them.

The whole Quran is a beautiful gateway to opening one’s mind and soul by narrating the stories of those who inhibited this earth before us, in order for us to learn lessons, attain wisdom and seek guidance.

يَا بَنِي إِسْرَآئِيلَ اذْكُرُواْ نِعْمَتِيَ الَّتِي أَنْعَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ

I know, saying Alhamdulillah has become our habit, but sometimes in all the hassles of life, we forget to remind ourselves of the true meaning of it. So stop and imagine after you go to bed, before you fall asleep… imagine just the basic necessities like food even…We have more than what is required to live a healthy grateful life, more food to consume when our Prophet used to live mostly on dates, when we have warm food from the stove while his house stayed deprived of it for forty days straight… yet he was always smiling and praising his Rabb… so form your special night duas, talk to Allaah, wear your heart on your sleeves and tell Him how it’s only He and His sayings that matter the most. Pay your gratitude one by one till you fall asleep…

أَتَأْمُرُونَ النَّاسَ بِالْبِرِّ وَتَنْسَوْنَ أَنفُسَكُمْ

Comparing our conditions, actions and reactions to Bani Israel, we can surely anticipate where and what are we heading towards…This verse was revealed upon Bani Israel but addresses all of us in general.
We as parents and sometimes as elders who have more knowledge, command kids/younger siblings etc. over righteousness and yet, fail to apply it in our daily lives.
The most common example being – LIES!
“NEVER LIE” we order. “BE NICE to your little ones”. “No screen time”. “DON’T CONSUME cold drinks and junk etc.” The list of double standards stack up in no time.

What should we reply when they ask why are we doing all of the above? “Elders can” isn’t a good enough reply.
We tell them unhealthy food is harmful for their body, screen is harmful for their mind and lying is harmful for their soul…and then right in front of them we choose that harmful path. Are we telling them that they should take care of their health, mind and soul only when they are kids? 

If we focus on such day to day matters, we can easily grab ourselves out of this self-deluding approach of correcting everything and everyone. Yes! Encouraging and commanding over righteousness is a MUST! but…with actions. The need of commanding ALL the time will be easily replaced if we ourselves become a role model to our speech.

وَاسْتَعِينُواْ بِالصَّبْرِ وَالصَّلاَةِ وَإِنَّهَا لَكَبِيرَةٌ إِلاَّ عَلَى الْخَاشِعِينَ 

This verse contains so much beauty that it speaks volumes itself. One of my all time favourite.

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  1. What i feel after listening to this lesson I can never put it in words so much i could relate to. Each and every verse of this lesson moved me . SubhanAllah Allah says in the quran “does he not know, who created?” Really some ayaat just leave me speechless they address the exact situation and problem I am in and places a solution for each one of them.
    Comments on ayat no.44 :-
    The ahadith she stated so scary and leaves you wondering. Gaining knowledge and preaching is not easy it can be a huge burden on us in this world and the next if we ourselves our not practicing what we learn/preach
    Oh Allah help us practie what we preach

  2. Bani Israel were actually THE Muslim nation back then. They hold so many lessons for us. They had trials upon trials. Yet Allah asked them to remember the good instead of the bad. Because bad memories have the ability to claw their way out the moment you scratch even a little bit. And they can consume you. They can make even the best of experiences sad. So Allaah wanted them to be present in the present and rejoice what they have now. A basic lesson of happiness. To which, gratitude is a big part.


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