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FREE Ramadan Resources for ADULTS


Ramadan is a great time to involve children in the beliefs, blessings, and opportunities. Even if they are not old enough to fast, you can still teach them about why we celebrate this month and involve them in other ways. It is also a great idea to teach them by involving their emotions. When a child is emotionally invested in an activity, their motivation to complete it is much higher. This culture is wide and deep and if you want to learn more about it, you’ll most definitely need some free time. For instance, if you are a student, you can go to UK.AssignmentGeek to spare yourself from your college assignments.
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Ramadan is the month of giving. It’s important to teach your children the importance of charity and providing donations in order to feed the hungry during Ramadan. It is also equally important to show them that all good deeds – no matter how big or small – are seen and rewarded by Allah (SWT). Any deed in Islam that benefits someone or something else is a good deed. Remind your children that doing these deeds during Ramadan is a great way of showing appreciation for all that they have and compassion for those that do not have so much.

“Good Deed Everyday” activity ideas (FREE Printables):

You can mix and match according to your needs!

A good deed a day silver and golden coins (with corresponding ahadith) (2022)

A Hadith a Day colourful minarets by AYEINA (2021)

30 Days of good deeds for your Ramadan jar by In the Playroom

Ramadan Calendar with 30 (good deed) a day by Quote Lovin

Gratitude challenge printable by Mom Can Do This!

Toddler Ramadan Kindness Calendar by Nilly Dahlia

Ramadan Good Deeds by Mamateachesme

30 Activities for a Ramadan Advent Calendar by Modest Munchies

‘Little Acts of Kindness’ Ramadan Calendar by MumzyNotebook

28 good deeds for 28 days of Ramadan by The Visual Age

There are lots of fun Ramadan crafts and activities you can do with your children that are great ways to occupy, inspire and teach them about this blessed month and its importance. You may also do a Ramadan activity or craft a day with kids based around Islamic books. If you are a teacher, you may need some additional teaching aids to enrich your teaching activities. You can customize some Ramadan-related stickers on CustomSticker and make your students learn the meaning of Ramadan.

A Craft a Day on Children’s Islamic Books

(for Ramadan & Beyond)

We have several printables for our subscribers as well as some can be seen below:

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Free Ramadan Printables for Kids


Iman’s Homeschool has pretty much EVERYTHING on the topic of Ramadan collected in one place in THIS LINK.

free ramadan activity packs and workbooks for kids

Free Ramadan Activity Packs for Kids

Free Ramadan/Eid Printable Pack for Kids by AYEINA

Ramadan Kids Activity Pack by Little Wings Gallery (who kindly featured #AlhamdulillahForSeries Gratitude Journal as well <3 )

Ramadan and Eid pack by Mummy on my mind (2021)

Ramadan Activity Pack by Bismillahbuddies

Ramadan Activity Pack by Homely Hammock

Ramadan printable pack for Kids by @the.lettered.inkling 

Ramadan Printables by Qamardesigns

Ramadan pack for children by UmmAssad.pubs

Ramadan Activity Pack by Learning Roots

Ramadan pack by @alhikmahmadressa

Ramadan Quran Reading Tracker (juz by juz) by A Muslim Child is Born

Ramadan Printables for Kids by TJRamadan

Ramadan Activity Book by A Muslim Child is Born

Ramadan Kit for Kids by Ummi and Kids

Ramadhan Activity Pack by Officially Shamsa

Ramadan Activity Book for Kids by A Muslim Child is Born

Multiple Ramadan Printables by Qamar Designs

Multiple Ramadan Prints by Karima’s Crafts

Ramadan Activity Book for Little Kids by Ilma Education

Ramadan Decor and Activity Pack for Kids by Little Wings Gallery

list of free ramadan journals planners for kids printable

Free Ramadan Journals and Planners for Kids

Free Ramadan Journal by Muslim Kids TV (2021)

Free Ramadan Journal for Kids by Ummi.org

Ramadan Planner and Journal for Kids by Ihsaan home academy

Ramadan Tutor by Understand Quran

Ramadan Workbook for little kids and Journal for older kids by Salam Homeschooling

Simple Ramadan Journal for kids by @honestlyaisha

Free Ramadan Journal for Kids by Emaan Power

Ramadan Journal by A Muslim Homeschool

Ramadan Meal Planner for Kids by Young Mumin

Free Ayah-a-Day Calendar by Ramadan Calendar

Free Ramadan Worksheets for Kids

Ramadan Mubarak Card by AYEINA

Ramadan Moon Phase Calendar by Miraj Stories

Ramadan Activity Workbook by Jannah Jewels (2020)

Ramadan Fasting Chart for Children by Good Deeds

Pink and Blue Countdown to Eid Charts by In My Studio

Moon Phases Worksheet by Allamah Education

Ramadan Log by Come to Learn

Salah Prayer Charts by A Crafty Arab

Ramadan countdown tracker blue by Mom Can Do This!

Why am I Fasting? Chart by Parenthood Muslim Style

Ramadan Grammar Worksheets by Talibiddeen Jr.

RaMATHan – Finding Averages by Talibiddeen Jr.

Ramadan Matching Game and Word Search by Holiday Spot

Ramadan Word Search by Handmade Beginnings

Ramadan Maze and Crossword Printable Activities by In the Playroom

Ramadan Thoughts by Crayola

Special Edition Ramadan Tracker and Colouring Sheet by Omar & Hana

Free Last 10 Days of Ramadan / Laylatul Qadr Resources for Kids

#AlhamdulillahForSeries Laylatul Qadr Color in Poster for Kids by AYEINA

Laylatul Qadr Pop-up book free printable by Lunar Learners

Last 10 Days of Ramadaan Good Deeds Chart by Our Precious Sprouts

Laylatul Qadr Introduction (in the form of a story) by Zanib Mia

Laylatul Qadr Bulletin Board by Islamic Bulletin Boards

Ramadan Certificates by Karima’s Crafts

Ramadan Achievement Award by Easel & Ink

Free blank certificate for kids by Quotelovin (2020)


Free Eid Printables



  1. This is super amazing. Great post. Also it would be awesome when kids can write down their feelings of gratitude in a journal while donating. Something they can re-read and feel thankful.

  2. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (sawm), prayer, reflection and community.A commemoration of Muhammad’s first revelation, the annual observance of Ramadan is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam and lasts twenty-nine to thirty days, from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next.


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