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Tears – NOT a Sign of Weakness

Shedding tears isn't just a "woman" thing. It's a beautiful sunnah.

How Muslims should React to an Earthquake

How should a Muslim react in the face of natural disasters and how to talk to kids about them. (music-free animated video embedded for explanation along with free printables on survival strategies - emergency plan).

Supplicate to Allah with Allah’s Words (List of Quranic Duas)

A list of all the Quranic duas summarised. A list of masnoon duas coming soon...

Shawwal – Fasting Beyond Ramadan + Other Sunnah Days to Fast

Fasting 6 days of Shawwal makes Ramadan's fasting, a perpetual one. Find a list of masnoon days of fasting (beyond Ramadan).

From Finite to Infinity – Life in Jannah (part 3)

A single life seed you sowed Reaped into forever more Each and every wish granted In fulfillment, you run out of more

From Finite to Infinity – Life in Jannah (part 2)

Maybe you had daughters that you treated so well Maybe your children died and your sabr pulled you up Maybe you died with them, never bidding Islam farewell Sticking to Laa ilaaha as last words for a ticket above

10 Advices from Older Me to My Younger (Teenage) Self

I don't really know from where should I start... This might seem strange but the future I am in, where time is not a line but a dimension, such things are possible. So much has happened in the past years that I don't want to worry you with all the future details. Worry is the biggest enemy of the present moment while future is inevitable. For you, today and tomorrow are yet to be said. I know you will be curious to know the fine intricacies of your life to come. I know. Been there done that. But there are some things that I will tell you, not your future, but the things you could do to improve your attitude towards it.

From Finite to Infinity – From Dunya to Jannah (part 1)

A journey from this temporary world to a forever land of fantasies.

Happy to Not be Me

How society teaches us to be ourself yet force down our throats, the photoshopped images and unrealistic standards. So instead of trying to be everyone else, a realistic ideal is presented. So I'm happy to not be me !

10 Practical Tips to Memorize the Quran

"And We have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?" [Quran, 54:17]
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