List of Free Resources to Study Quran Quranic Reflections

Previously, we discussed the pre-Qur’an checklist so you can be ready for the next step – Study Schedule and Materials.

NOTE: There is no blind following in the religion. Allah has made resources available Alhamdulillah so do your research as well – Go through authentic books of Ahadith and tafasir on your own as well. We all are human beings and are bound to make mistakes. I am providing the resources that I believe are the most beneficial (as they benefitted me a lot when I set out on this journey). May Allah forgive our shortcomings and make us follow His Only straight path that leads to nowhere but Jannah. 

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Following is the list of mandatory things that you are to go through each week (the necessity level is in descending order):


1: Quran with the translation

Pick up any Qur’an with a translation in the language, you are most comfortable with. Study along with the timetable so you can go with the group. Studying with the group will give you a sense of direction as running alone can sometimes be hard and needs a lot of self-motivation we usually lack. 



B) (with transliteration as well)

C) (my favorite go-to website)



2: Word to word translation of the Qur’an

Word to word translation will help you a lot in understanding the Qur’an with time. After Surah Baqarah alone, you will be familiar with 75% of the Qur’anic words. Eventually, you’ll be able to understand Qur’an just by listening to its recitation in shaa Allaah.


A) show the literal translation of each and every word as you hover your cursor over them. For static writing, their word by word section could be explored. Advanced learners can go through its grammar part as well.

B) Word for word meaning of the Qur’an (divided into three volumes).

C) Recite Quran even recites the word you click on along with the display of its meaning.

D) Word to word translation of each juz of the Qur’an

E) Quran Word for Word Translation

F) Each Juzz/Para  (1-30) by Alhuda international (available in hard copy as well as online).

A hard copy can easily be found at Alhuda’s institute or Dar ul Balagh (in Pakistan) – and I recommend hard copy, for a book online has no comparison to the one in hand.


Each Juzz/Para  (1-30) – audio of which is available as well.

3: Tafseer (Explanation)

I will in shaa Allah be doing the following (2007) Tafseer. It’s very easy and comprehensible. And the only Tafseer out there that I found such detailed and still free*. But you can choose yours from the following:


A)  Talim al-Quran

B)  Tafseer and word analysis  (by Nauman Ali Khan

This will probably make you fall in love with the linguistics of Qur’an though I wish it was cover to cover, but since it’s not so it won’t be your basic choice of study as you will be lost after Surah Baqarah then. 

C) Jewels from the Qur’an  (by Mufti Menk)

D) Tafseer ibn katheer – I haven’t found an audio version of this yet, but you can read it online or buy it from your local Islamic bookstore. 

E) Saheeh International

F) Maarif ul Quran

G) Fidhilalil Quran

H) Tafheem ul Quran


A) Taleem ul Quran 2007  (by Dr. Farhat Hashmi)

If you download Alhuda’s app on your Android/iOS then it will be quite useful.
On app: go to app > Quran > Tafseer > Taleem ul Quran > TQ 2007 Dr. Farhat > para 1 > lessons
 – [also available in PashtoSindhiBalochiGerman]

B) Taleem ul Quran 2013  (by  Dr. Idrees Zubair)

The benefit of audio files is that you can listen to them while traveling, cooking, cleaning etc. and yet learn a lot.


4: Tajweed practice:

Since we’ll be doing only a handful of verses each week, it would be a good practice to fix your tajweed (Qur’an recitation). For anyone who is not familiar with Arabic, it’s hard to catch up on the accent sometimes, but know that just like any other language, practice will make it perfect in shaa Allaah.




B)  Qari Hudhaify is very good to follow to correct your Tajweed – recitation with the text.

C)  Very slow word by word recitation (by Qari Ibrahim

D)  Long spaces between recitation of each verse for you to follow along (by Asma Huda)

You can see the color coded Qur’an beside listening to the audio for your ease.


5: Notes

Keep a diary with you to make your notes or write your reflections – things that you learned, lessons that you cherish, verses that you loved, rules you want to apply in your life, your practical checklists etc. This diary will be YOU so scribble it with whoever you want to become.
Ayeina will be my personal diary and I will share my part of reflections under “Quranic reflections” every week in shaa Allaah. Anyone who will want to share theirs as well, they can post them in the comments section below so everyone can see and benefit in shaa Allaah.

Found this FREE printable by Creative Motivations to track your Quránic study and memorization in shaa Allah (although this is Ramadhan specific but it can be used all year round regardless).

Ramadan-Tracker-FREE-PDF printable, ayeina, creative motivations, memorise quran tracker, quran log, hifdh diary

READ: 10 Practical Tips to Memorize the Quran

Bonus Resources:

Surah Order of the Qur’an – Quran Structure

EXTRA TIP: We may also start memorizing Qur’an (hifz) as we progress into studying it. Allah will make the memorization easy as you get a good grasp on the meaning of Qur’an. 

*Note: If you have more authentic resources that teach the complete Qur’an in such detail (preferably free) then share them in the comments section below so everyone can benefit).

May Allah keep us all steadfast.


EDIT: Some people are having difficulty understanding the whole process so I will mention how I am going to study. Perhaps an example will make things sound easy. My very basic choice of set is:

B from word to word translation (English Juzz by Alhuda (hard copy) – I will be going through the Urdu version also)

A from Tafseer (Urdu Taleem ul Quran 2007 by Dr. Farhat)

Choose your basic set and stick to it. Rest of the resources can then be used as a supplementary study (when you have time). If it’s still not clear, feel free to ask questions in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you.



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