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You can read all about the book here: http://ayeina.com/muslims-mini-gratitude-journal/

Available as digital printable/ printed copy HERE: http://ayeina.com/product-category/books/

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1: JeddahMom

(pictures included)

“Every day, between Iftaar and Isha’a, we sat down together as a family to reflect on what things we could add to show gratitude for. Every day, my children came up to tell me about all the things that they were happy to say Alhamdulillah for…I found that #AlhamdulillahForSeries is a very good conversation starter. I have been able to talk to my children on topics that I never thought I could get out of them…”

*Read 5 ways you can benefit from this Gratitude Journal: http://jeddahmom.com/2016/06/5-ways-can-benefit-alhamdulillahforseries-gratitude-journal/

2: Oum Manna

(pictures and video included)

“…not only it is important To show gratitude in our adult life but it is even more essential to teach this positive attitude to our children. One of the first Surah I learnt as a child and I taught to my daughters is Surah al-Fatihah. Why am I mentioning this here? Simply because this surah starts  with “Alhamdulillah”…Have you ever noticed that many duas taught by the Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) also start with the same expression of gratitude? Even the morning supplication starts with, “Alhamdulillah” {alladhi ahyana ba’da ma amatana} (All praise and thanks be to the One who gave us life after making us dead)…My daughters fell in love instantly with the beautiful drawings and the simple but effective message. “

3: Raising Young Believers

(pictures included)

“The illustrations are delightful, and appealing to every age group, from the youngest member in the family through to the oldest…I personally like the pages that allows one to fill in your own details, things that you are grateful for…I also particularly love that the book opens and closes with Quraanic aayah that highlight an importance of shukr, of gratitude!”

4: Youthly Hub

“For the believer, giving thanks and praise to Allah (SWT) is a way of life. This powerful and life changing concept is captured by the creative minds behind Team Ayeina. They recently launched #Alhamdulillah For Series book – ‘A Muslim’s mini gratitude journal’…Alhamdulillah for this beneficial initiative – I love the journal and encourage you to get one for yourself and a friend, colleague or loved one.”

5: Sisterly Yours

(pictures and instructions included)

“I instantly owned the journal, made it mine…Came Week 3 and I fell in love with the journal even more. This is where I got to reflect upon my existence as a Believer – a Muslim…To sum my Ayeina AFS experience I’d say that I have loved the process of inner reflection it triggered inside me and the journey of gratitude it has set me off on. I am incorporating beautiful graphics from the AFS journal on my Ramadan Adventure Board, insha’Allah.”

6: Halal Mama

(detailed pictures included)

“What’s great about the digital copy, is that when you run out of space after a month, you can do it all over again 🙂 And you can mix the pages up a little if you want. And you can customise your copy as you want – whether you glue it, bind it or tie it together with a ribbon, it’s entirely up to you!” (Also appeared on HalalFoodFestival)

7: Creative Khadija

(pictures included)

“Inside the journal, there are cute illustrations & designs…The cover is designed as a blackboard with colorful chalks. Let’s WRITE 🙂 … Inside the mini journal, There is space given for sharing your mind. For writing about things you are thankful for.”

8: Bbreadings

(pictures included)

“Tbh, whenever I see these illustrations, my heart swells with gratitude and I am thankful for the things I have in my life.”

9: AclockworkHafsa

(pictures included)

“Guys, it is so gorgeous that it just melts your heart…And the journal keeps getting cuter with the turn of each page. Just read that definition and you will be in tears.”

10: Thelevitatingbibliophile

(pictures included)

“Now what I liked most about this journal as a whole was that it wasn’t something too, you know, simple, or plain. For example, they hadn’t just said “Alhamdulillah for Umrah” but it mentioned an Imaan Boosting Journey and I can’t explain how on point that was…I think this is THE best thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Tbh, in a world where we even have to buy an iPad for a 3 year old so that he doesn’t cry and has to like, you know, be immersed in something, this is something you definitely need to buy.”

11: Aayesha Aijaz Bari

“It involves themes of peace, love, rejuvenation and bonding with others and the Lord. The compilation alone is a feast for eyes, easy text with pretty illustrations, exactly what you need to read amidst the chaotic life devoid of faith. The underline message is what makes this journal a must have for you. It teaches us to be thankful for the simplest things we tend to ignore. Reading it made me realize about our massive hollow lives because we don’t acknowledge the  blessings Lord has bestowed upon us. It’s something parents nowadays fail to instill in their children. #AlhamdulillahForSeries Gratitude Journal is a perfect book for Muslim kids – helpful in their sound upbringing, an easy way to teach kids the basics of our deen. We have been too busy teaching our kids fanciful stories or getting them hooked to latest gadgets, the generation of today is lacking basics of what makes us who we really are.”

12: Karima’s Crafts

“The journal covers a calendar month and I personally think this would be ideal for the month of Ramadan, or of course any month. There is a lovely watercolor painting for each day which would appeal to both adults and young children. I really like the layout and the designs in this book and would definitely recommend you having a look at this book.”

13: Strokes of My Pen

Read Lubnah’s heartwarming Gratitude Journey that she embarked in Ramadan 2016 along with many others.

WEEK1 – http://lubnah.me.ke/alhamdulilah-for-basic-necessities-week-1-challenge/

WEEK2 – http://lubnah.me.ke/alhamdulilah-for-ties-that-bind-week-2-challenge/

WEEK3 – http://lubnah.me.ke/alhamdulilah-for-islam-week-3-challenge/

WEEK4 – http://lubnah.me.ke/alhamdulilah-for-everything-week-4-challenge/

14: Reclaiming Heart

“I started to feel that “why me?” syndrome soon and despised all the positive things around me. Once we returned home, while I was going through my emails, I just happened to spot this book again. And Alhamdulillah!!! All the Praises and Thanks to ALLAH!! I quickly took the book and started reading. It was an eye-opening reminder. Well, I believe this is the magic that this book has to offer.”

15: Blogs by FA

(freebie included)

“I’d say this book is perfect to gift to the loved ones especially for teaching gratitude to children. The handmade water colour illustrations make it attractive and can easily help them learn and focus on gratitude and in staying positive…
It has become so popular now, that it is also being translated to German and Arabic but they are further aiming to translate it into other languages…”

FREEBIEAlhamdulillah for Halal beef burgers 🍔

16: A Ducktrinor Mom

“This Muslim mini journal looks like a children’s book actually. It’s artistically designed and the illustrations are lovely, colorful, lively, and simple. I love the chalk board component to it. It screams instilling education…#AlhamdulillahFor Series would make great eid gift.”

17: NewLeaf

“This book is enough to turn a frown into smile. In short, it is small dose of gratitude bound in pages with minimal words and overflowing with sentiments!”

18: Whispers and Walnuts

“This would  make an ideal coffee table book gift…Its a book you  could ponder over on your own,with your kids,or a group of friends.”

19: Muslimah Healthy

“I deeply believe that being grateful is one of the most important aspects of being Muslim. While this is true, gratitude isn’t something that comes naturally. We must practice it, we must learn it, we must condition ourselves to be able to say “Alhamdulillah” in both the good and the bad times.

This book is a great means to starting your lifelong journey of gratitude.” (Also appeared at Fit Muslim Girl)

20: Iqra Writes

(pictures included)

“The moment I held the prettily wrapped package in my hands, I knew it was something special…“A Muslim’s mini Gratitude Journal” is Ayeina’s first ink-and-paper baby, filled with colorful watercolor illustrations, and printed on good quality paper…You can tell that a lot of heart has gone into this project. I appreciate that they have omitted facial features in their depictions of living things, which most people following Islamic media are used to and have come to expect.”

21: Nutrition by Nazima

“My daughter and I sat down to read through the journal. The images and colours are so vibrant to they were appealing to me but also to my 1-year-old! The repetitiveness of “Alhamdulillah for…” makes it a great read to keep young children engaged…There is also a section in the journal to write your personal “Alhamdulilah for…” each day. This is my favourite part of the journal as it allows me to refocus and re-centre myself in the midst of a hectic day.”

22: Khadija 

“Just wanted to share my daughter’s list with you! She’s even started to say Alhamdulillah for little things in life that would bother her otherwise. She started keeping in mind what would happen if we didn’t have that particular thing. Honestly, it’s making me grateful too! May Allah bless you! Gratefulness is something that lacks in us in general. What you did is something HUGE! Jazak Allah!!seriously!”

23: Mifsha Kids Online

“Nowadays, I bring this book in my bag everywhere I go and the moment I feel a little negativity starting to creep in, I will quickly take it out and flip to a page that will remind me of my blessings…Today I say Alhamdulillah for strength when life gives me lemons. This has been so true the past few months. Everyone has his or her own stories and we are all struggling to stay afloat either spiritually, mentally, emotionally or in health. As long as there is still life, persevere and go on. There are still opportunities to make life better. Insya’allah…”

P.S. If you’re in Singapore, then you can purchase the 6×6″ journal from them <3

and if you’re in Canada, then head over to MODAH

and if you’re in Australia, then contact Dar-us-Salam.



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