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Lesson #2:

Chapter 2: Verse 1-5
Huroof-e-muqatta’aat  (الم) :

The more I read about the possible wisdom behind them, the more I grew in love with Al-Hakeem (The Most Wise). By the end of the day, we embed our faith in whatever we get from Allaah s.w.t. and Rasoolullahﷺ. 

“Follow that which is sent down unto you from your Lord…” [7:3]

Practically involving my toddler:

I am in a phase of making her pronunciation perfect and helping her recognize the letters these days as she knows them orally already. So in order to study Qur’an together, I am starting with the letters present in huroof e muqatta’aat in sha Allaah.
They are: ا. ل. م. ص. ر. ك. ه. ى. ع. ط. س. ح. ق. ن

Yuminoona bil ghaib (يُؤْمِنُونَ بِالْغَيْبِ) :

O Allaah! Though I can’t see You yet I believe in You as if I can see You! When everything (including myself) feels absolutely cold, I feel the warmth of Your mercy. I find You alert whenever I find myself drifting off the track. I believe in Your creation that’s hidden from my sight and Your books I never read, Your prophets I never met and the day of recompense that is yet to come…
I long to see and reside in the abode that You created for us with all the love and I fear even the sight of what You created and asked to not walk towards. I long for Your single glimpse with my eyes wide open when in sha Allaah I’ll get the chance to meet my prophet and You in Jannah.

Hold me fast to Your beautiful words ya Allaah! For I want them to be the source of my ascendance.

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  1. Ya rab!! your comments on you’minoon bil ghaib had me in tears. SubhanAllah
    How can any other book on this planet even come close to Allah’s word just 5 verses and so so much to learn its incredible really how Allah is giuding us in just 5 verses encouraging us to be sucessful SubhanAllah
    اولاءك هم المفلحون
    On social media like facebook i often see my freinds posting pictures of an amazing car or a nice dress or a beautiful house with the caption “goals” . But Allah doesn’t call a person with a beautiful house or a wealthy man successful . But the one who obeys him is successful to him because it earns His pleasure. A mo’min understands the ultimate goal is jannat, true success is Allah’s pleasure. The longing for dunya starts to go away. Because he understands “the hereafter is better and more lasting” sura tul ala

  2. Allaah uses “yuqeemuna” for a prayer. While we ask each other or ourselves if we have prayed or not…which sometimes mean – are you done with the lip service? It’s ok if your heart is racing after a prayer, not from the gravity of the words you recited but from the speed you prayed because you have more important work to do. Changing the whole world but yourself. You say to yourself atleast I prayed. People don’t even do that. I am fulfilling my obligations.
    The hit and run situation in our prayer is just for our own satisfaction. It makes us a good Muslim in our minds.
    But have we really established the prayer? I think if we ask this question to ourselves. We can easily count on fingers how many times we actually prayed.
    And we have way more fingers than the count …

  3. In the ghayb(unseen) we should beleive with certainty. At times it feels more real than the dunyah with all the fakes and liars around, but allah has the truth and is not a liar so we can always depend on him. We’re also being reassured that our efforts won’t go to waste and all the struggles and hardships we go through all the prayers and money spent on charity will be worth it because it will be better over there in the akhira. Sunhanallah what would be best for us is if we all exhaust our efforts to gain the most out of the dunyah. May allah make us among the successful ones


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