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5 Pillars of Islam – Islamic Interactive Fabric Quiet Book for Muslim Kids

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5 pillars of Islam is an interactive fabric quiet book to help children learn important Islamic foundations through visual stimulation and tactile sensation with the help of velcro, zip, magnet, buttons, laces, etc. There are 10 pages encouraging fun, hands-on learning of conditions of the shahada, positions of salah and its timings, sunnah foods to start or end the fast with, numerical literacy through zakat, and the rites of Hajj.
Play-based learning develops their sensory processing, problem-solving, coordination, and fine motor skills. The padded handle provides portability for quiet and focused time anywhere at home, on car or plane rides, and even in the masjid.
You can find out more about this first-of-its-kind Islamic interactive fabric book here:  https://ayeina.com/fabric-quiet-book-for-muslim-kids-5-pillars-of-islam/


DISCLAIMER: It started out as a $39 USD product (as seen here), but the manufacturers mixed up the salah clock. We also noticed that some of the metal pins were tight at the start (as shown in this video), but with more usage, they were easier to move).
This is why we decreased the price to $33 USD (without shipment).

Please note that each piece is unique as a lot of the elements are handmade. But that is also something that makes it truly unique 🌟

UPDATE: Some of the pieces may or may not have loose velcros, stiff salah page loops (that become easier to move with time and usage), and cosmetic imperfections (like the soft mirror that sometimes can go through dents due to shipment), hence we have decided to give FREE INTERNATIONAL shipment as a result. Please note that if a customer would still like a refund beyond what has already been told and shown, then they agree to bear the cost of shipment of the product back to our warehouse (the product needs to be in an unused condition for the customer to demand a refund after that). Jazakumullah khair for your understanding and support. Honesty is important to us and so is your satisfaction. It’s sad that even after 3 years of time period in manufacturing samples after samples, the product is still not exactly how we envisioned it due to its handmade nature.



Shipping may take 2-3 working weeks depending on your location. Please note that customs charges are covered by the customer because each country has its own rules (P.S. Most countries don’t charge customs for door-to-door shipments, but it’s always safe to look into the customs rules your country has). You may also submit your interest to a local retailer (especially if you are in Pakistan or India – where we have a history of customers saying they had to pay customs).



By purchasing the book, you agree to the terms of use.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Purchase does not transfer reproduction rights. The purchased product may not be used to create products meant for distribution under any circumstances. If you want to purchase it in bulk at a discounted rate, then kindly email editor@ayeina.com


Some of the skills your little one will practise include lacing, matching, colour recognition, numeracy, problem-solving, and much, much more. There are 10 interactive pages encouraging fun, hands-on learning of numbers, colours, time, shapes, sizes, fruits, vegetables, and so much more. The book measures 10″ high x 8″ wide. A great Islamic learning tool for any preschool parent.


1 review for 5 Pillars of Islam – Islamic Interactive Fabric Quiet Book for Muslim Kids

  1. Umm Umar

    I ordered two fabric books and when I received them I ordered two more for gifts and I absolutely don’t regret!
    I was a little disappointed at first about the few problems mentioned in the description, but I honestly think it can be fixed. Also I have never seen this exact product for our baby muslims and trust me I have searched a very long time before placing my order …
    That’s why I support with all my heart this brand and I recommend you to place your order too!

    • Samina

      jazakillah khairan katheera sis. Support from people like you helps us keep improving our products and create more resources for the Ummah. As homeschooling mums, all of our products simply begin as something that we prepare for our own kids. So I completely understand your disappointment. Instead of increasing the price of the product and making it completely unaffordable, we settled with the imperfections and chose to be honest about it instead. I’m not sure when can we produce these fabric quiet books in bulk again (as a small business, we usually never get a chance to reprint our products because the new product usually ends up taking all of our savings/investments), but your feedback will really help us improve in shaa Allah. Jazakillah khair once again.

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