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Confessions of a Practicing Muslim (+FREE Ramadan Printables)


As the sun rises up and lights the world, comes the time to starve the body. We all follow the basic rules of curbing our bodily desires and learn self control. But how much do we extend our fasts – beyond our stomach and private parts? They already help us believe in self control – Yes! We can do this!

If our body is capable of such strength, isn’t our soul strong enough?

Following is a list of things that can fast with you to change you for good in shaa Allah. To surface a new human being out of you, unveil the capabilities you hid for so long, reveal the best parts of you, you never knew existed – by:

1) Fasting of a Heart

The heart needs to fast from all the spoiled food we keep feeding it – hatred, grudges, envy, lust, greed and the list goes on…
May the heart keep fasting even when our bodies break the fast.

When the gluttony rests in peace
And the stomach growls and heaves
You get the chance to clean the grease
That ceased your heart’s release

Allah gives you that perfect opportunity in Ramadan by locking up Shaitaan. So you can go ahead without excuses, without chains that bound you within your regrets, without bars that prisoned you inside your past. Allah gives you the opportunity to step ahead and start anew. And there are many ways to help you achieve that – such as:

2) Digital Fasting

With our lives constantly connected through social media, it’s easy to lose connection with our own souls sometimes. And even though former is a necessity sometimes but your life depends on the latter.
Digitally detoxify yourself every now and then to live in the ‘NOW’ – a world where you breathe slow, observe the stillness of your surrounding, stare into the eyes of those you love, stroke your child’s hair and smell it, give long warm hugs, walk amidst nature, reflect and just…be…

To help in such detoxification, indulge in:

3) Fasting of Hands and Feet

Fast your fingers along with your stomach. Watch what your thumbs type. Let them speak only the good, tell only the truth and say only the necessary or let them be silent…
Watch where your feet take you. Watch what your hands do because both of them will speak on the day of judgement when your tongue won’t be able to give excuses.

”…Then the seal would be set upon his mouth and it would be said to his hands and feet to speak and they would speak of his deeds…” [Sahih Muslim]

ayeina watercolor florals banners tags zahabaz zama'u wabtallatil urooku wa sabatal ajru in shaa Allah hadith sunnah thirst is gone arteries are moist

Download the Free Dua Print here:

4) Sight Fasting

It’s not only about not seeing haram, but also what doesn’t benefit you – your dunya or your aakhirah.
And does your eyes see the evil and not stop it? Like Trash on the path that went ignored? Or Seeing someone getting bullied and acting oblivious? Rolling eyes at someone? Etc.

Instead, let them shed tears for the sake of Allah – because when they’ll meet your cheek, you won’t meet hell fire in shaa Allah.

Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) reported:
I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) saying, “Two eyes will never be touched by the fire of Hell; an eye which weeps out of Fear of Allah and an eye which spends the night in guarding in the Cause of Allah .” [Tirmidhi]

5) Fasting of a Tongue

Don’t let it let out an uff to your parents. Guard it from breaking hearts. Protect others by protecting your tongue. Shield yourself by shielding your tongue.

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “…People will be thrown on their faces into the Hell on account of their tongues. [Riyad as-Salihin]

Let the tongue – that sung the praises of slave, now only recite the words of Allah…

And last but not least:

6) Thought Fasting

Out of all of the above, mind is the hardest to keep caged. And it is the easiest to escape.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
“Indeed, having good thoughts concerning Allah is from the perfection of the worship of Allah.” [Tirmidhi]

When you lay down in bed, if you’re not surfing the internet, you’re usually riding a train of thoughts – thoughts which are a mixture of good and bad. Right and wrong. Real and imaginary.
It gets hard to filter them most of the times. Even beyond night, your mind is constantly working with you or against you. It takes a lot of practice to grab its reigns in your grip.
You won’t succeed every time but you will be able to most of the times in shaa Allah.

Let your mind reflect within
And supplicate silently to your Lord
Who let your stomach fast from food
So you could feed your soul strong
freebie Alhamdulillah for the month of blessings
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