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Minimalist Blogger’s Guide to Organisation Apps

These are the four apps that I use day in and day out. They are installed on every single device that I own. Which ones are your go-to organisation apps?

سورة البقرة‎ (The Cow): Verse 83-91

Lesson#14: Reflections on Surah Baqarah سورة البقرة‎ (The Cow): Verse 83-91. *Ihsan*

How to Start a Small Sewing Business

As an entrepreneur herself, Javeriya Siddiqui explains how to start a small sewing business at home.

Healing a Wounded Heart…

You ask, and He gives. You trip, and He sets you right. You fall, and He picks you up. You are lost, and He guides you. You deny Him, and He still provides you. You cry, and He consoles you. You are dubious, and He fixes your heart.

سورة البقرة‎ (The Cow): Verse 74-82

Lesson#13: Reflections on Surah Baqarah سورة البقرة‎ (The Cow): Verse 74-82. *Hardness of Heart*
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