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I know handling kids can be over whelming, tiring and feels like a whole tornado inside your body…but I tell you mothers, you should always have a baby small enough to fill your arms, fix in your lap – one who only babbles, squeals n squeaks…because they are the ones who keep you sane too… now this statement surely doesn’t sound sane enough in itself! As they rely on you for every other thing!
And That’s my point! They are the ones who make you feel wanted and reward you back either with their utter silence of innocence or an endless cry of dependency and longing and if they cross the first half of infancy…they have a big grin forever waiting for you, no matter in what shade of expression you look at them…even your blink of an eye is a world to them. They have an assuring and loving smile with a severe urge to drench you in their drools of excitement…
So when you question love some day, you can just look at them and feel it gushing out in abundance.



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  1. hahaha this article has made me think about the number of child one should have hmmm 😉 really a very new perspective indeed. 🙂

    • U can decide insha Allaah on the basis of the hadith of the prophet pbuh that he will be proud on the large number of people of his ummah on the day of resurrection and thus bigger families are encouraged. … plus u get to have a loads of sadaqah jariyah… haina?


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