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Chapter 2: Verse 130-141

Ya Rabbi! I’m hurt and I’m vulnerable. I’m wounded and my skin is exposed. The climatic conditions peel me down to the bones.

All I can think of is to be somewhere I stop to exist, never return back and be no one for the rest of my eternity. I’m as insignificant as the world itself and as lost as I can be.

I keep thinking…What if everything we are living is just a lie? What if everything we think we are looking at is just a part of our vivid hallucination? What if we are engulfed inside the bubble that seem to float on and on until we burst it and find ourselves dropped into the face of reality? What if we have figured out everything wrong? The world isn’t round. 2+2 is not four. What if we were spoon fed with the things everyone wanted us to believe?

Where does the surety lie? Where do we find the truth? I can’t find a way out.

the sibghah of Allah” – Ibn ‘Abbaas said in the narration of al-Kalbi, as did Qataadah and al-Hasan: the deen (religion) of Allah, and it is only called sibghah  because the effects of the religion manifestly appear on one who adheres to the religion just as the effects of the dyes manifestly appear on the clothing. [Tafsir al-Baghawi 1/158]

So please Ya Allah! Pour down on me Your colors. Engulf me within them so I can know where I belong. I’ll close my eyes and wait here until Your colors rain on me. From head to my toes. Until I’m drenched with them. Until they’re a part of me.

O my Rabb! I have been through the journey of Your wise words – what You revealed to Muhammadﷺ out of your utter love and mercy towards us in the form of Quran.
But I am too blind and broken to see it. Too numb under the influence of Your creation to feel it. I have thrown myself in the ruthless hands of Your creation instead of grabbing onto Your rope. Despite being aware, I’m too hopeless to swim out even to catch a single breath.
O Allaah! O my beloved Lord! The Creator of my destiny and the best of Creators! Grab my hand and pull me out – out of my misery and fears. Cleanse my soul and pour on me…nothing but Your colors! Make me see those colors on me so I can free myself from the chains of slavery to others and know myself as none but Your servant.

Dip me in Sibghat Allah and let me wallow…

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  1. Such a beautiful post. Loved reading through. God is great! Keep writing such pieces, would love to read them in future as well.

  2. Amin to your lovely duas.

    Subhanallah, how perfect Allah is. The wisdom contained in the Quran is so profound. It is true wisdom, indeed. May it colour our minds, soul and entire lives beyond this dunya.

  3. subhanAllah…. Allah has blessed you with a wonderful way of expression and words that melted the heart…i couldnt control my tears. may Allah bless you more…ameen


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