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40 Hadith Shamai’l Muhammadiyah Journal (English/ Arabic tracing and copywork) – DIGITAL PDF

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Unlock a world of knowledge and character building through “40 Hadith Shamail Muhammadiyah Journal”, which seamlessly combines language development and spiritual growth: Enhance Arabic and English handwriting with copywork. Help the child to memorise these short ahadith (in Arabic) so they can apply that knowledge in their lives while familiarising themselves with the language. Celebrate progress with a personalized certificate at the end and much more.

Upon purchase, you will get a pdf file of 120+ pages:

The (partial) PDF contains:

⭐️ Intro of Hadith Shamail Muhammadiyah along with the parents’/teachers’ guide.

📖 List of 40 ahadith with easy taglines to tick off once the child is done (either memorising or just with the tracing/ copywork)

📝 Complete Hadith in both Arabic and English (translation).

✒️ Full or partial tracing and copywork of the Arabic Hadith, fostering familiarity with the Arabic language and aiding memorization of the Hadith.

✍️ Full or partial tracing and copywork of the English (translation of the) Hadith, available in both print and cursive formats.

*FULL VERSION (with explanation and activities) IS EXCLUSIVE TO PRINT ONLY.




Ignite your child’s love for learning about the life of Rasool Allah ﷺ with this book by AYEINA (ayeina.com) – The following sections for each Hadith are exclusive to the print version only:
*Explanation of the Hadith and practical examples (mini Islamic stories) based on the mentioned Hadith so children can relate it to their daily lives.
*Creative paper activities inspired by the essence of each Hadith (while making sure to honour the sanctity of the Hadith and not illustrate any part of it).
*Hadith Journaling to encourage reflection and practical application.
(Your support will help us bring it into a print format in shaa Allah, but till then – I hope that the partial e-book helps you and your child).


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