“There are so many concepts explored in this journal! It consists of ahadith and ayaat on Jannah which have been divided into 5 sections for the 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. All the ahadith and Quranic ayaat have been adequately referenced. At the beginning of each section, there’s an introduction to how each sense works giving us an idea of how differently we will sense things in Jannah. I really like the concept because it really helped us in expanding our visualisation of Jannah…It’s really a full on journal and book. It totally depends upon you how many concepts you would like to take on and work on with your children…We have mainly been focusing on the crafting part. We took out one hadith or ayat to work on each Friday and it became something we truly looked forward to each week…” theoddmuslimah.com

“…inviting each child to our “Secret Jannah Cirlce” with an aged scroll, having a secret handshake, weekly “Jannah Seeker” badges and occasional treats…The JJ is an amazing resource full of hadith about Jannah, so that you and your little ones can get an idea of how amazing Paradise is and understand how it is a better goal than this life. But it also includes other types of learning, so each page/hadith you look at also gives you an opportunity to discuss: a shape, a colour, a sense (sight/hearing/touch/taste/smell) and practice an art technique. @ayeina_official have done a fantastic job at putting together this JJ and they provide plenty of suggestions and guidance on how to use it.” @fbdblog

“This year we chose Jannah Journal colourful shapes (printed on cardstock…) and coins for sadaqah – 30 Days of Ramadan Calendar Branch. We are trying to keep the minimalist approach and not adding sweets, toys or any other fidgety bits so we can stay true to the meaning of Ramadan 🌒 We started with an old branch from the tree in our backyard, and added 30 organza bags and twine…” @amanda.umm.aisha

“For a beautiful way to teach your kids about Jannah…Each sense is explored in a scientific sense, and it is beautiful to learn more information than I ever knew about the senses of living things…We actually printed the shapes and cut them out. Then, we hole-punched the tops and stringed them together. This little booklet was a fun craft that we will place nearby the bed so that we can flip through it every night and talk about Jannah…” @muslimmommyblog

“…the long awaited ‘In Jannah I want” Imagination Journal … uses Jannah related verses and ahadith to stimulate the 5 senses and to help a child imagine Jannah insha Allah. This will be our special “Mamma and Yusuf project”💖 this Ramadan insha Allah!” @muffffet

“We started our Jannah journal yesterday (day 4)…I love the Hadith shared in the journal about seeing Allah in Jannah..It’s full of so many amazing hadith about Jannah- this one in particular left us a little speechless!!🎠” @ourhomeschoolheaven

“…mashallah the boys love for the Prophet and eagerness to meet him in Jannah has really surprised me…” @muslimboyshomeschool

“‘In Jannah I want’ truly is a fabulous journal to help us and our children to think more about Jannah! In order to truly LOVE Islam and Allah, it’s so important to teach our children with age appropriate-ness in mind! Very often we get caught in telling our children the Halal or the Haram, or that’s not allowed, what we actually need to encourage is a deep LOVE of Allah and awareness of Jannah!…” @mamateachesme

“…As someone who loves art and creativity, I couldn’t be more pleased with learning about Jannah any other way…” @dearmuslimchild

“…All I can say is that this Journal is a treasure for both kids and adults…The framed shapes are cut from Jannah Journal which I call a treasure!…” @habiba_momming_baking

“The children and I are really enjoying using our imagination journal – it’s an amazing resource and has led to many super discussions, lots of creativity and imagining about Jannah! ⁣⁣We have the paperback version and the digital version (I purchased the digital version last year but had to get my hands on the physical copy) – but I’ve decided to use the digital version alongside it so we can re use again & again 😁” @nurturing.learners

I purchased the digital version of Jannah Journal last year and am just getting around to actually using it with my kids. They were most interested to read the relevant Hadith and to be reminded of the possibility of meeting our Rabb (new word for them) one day in Sha Allah. May their dream be realised!…Worth every penny!” @e_marn



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