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Fabric Quiet Book for Muslim Kids – 5 Pillars of Islam

"5 Pillars of Islam" is an Islamic fabric quiet book with 10 interactive pages for helping little Muslims practice and improve their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and sensory processing through play. Let your child learn the basic foundation of Islam - its five pillars: Shahada (TAWHEED), Prayers and its various positions (SALAH), Sunnah foods to start or end the fast with (SAWM), the meaning of giving (ZAKAT), and the rites of HAJJ through visual stimulation and tactile sensation.

Ka’bah Crafts to Try with Kids (2D Kaaba activities)

Scholars have differences of opinion in terms of Kaaba models. Hence I have only included 2D crafts in this blogpost. The Ka'bah (Arabic: ٱلْكَعْبَة, lit. 'The Cube') is a building...

Eid ul Adha Crafts to Try with Kids (DIY sheep activities...

Previous: Islamic Book Crafts 2019 ; Kids' Crafts 2020 ; Arabic Letter Crafts 2021 ; English Letter Crafts 2022 ; Hajj Crafts 2022 Muslims celebrate...

Hajj Crafts to Try with Kids this Dhul Hijja

. Check out all the hajj, umrah, and dhul hijja articles: Allah gives us so many opportunities to multiply our rewards with minimal effort. Ramadan,...

How To Become A Humble Muslim Without Losing Self-Esteem

By Iffat Fatima (in collaboration with Team AYEINA) Bi-smi llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm Both words; 'humble' and 'humans' come from the root “from the earth”. Being humble...

Children’s Ultimate Eid Gift Guide – For Every Personality Type

This post is sponsored by Anafiya There’s nothing like seeing the smile on your kid’s face as they open their gifts on Eid morning after...

26 English Letter Crafts for Muslim Kids

26 muslimaat came together to bring you DIY ideas on how to make English letters come to life. Everyone chose one letter from the...

Reviews of Juz Journals for Children

"Very beneficial. The Juzz ammah journal is part of our homeschooling the girls never leave it since the day they've received it is the...

Supplicate to Allah with Muhammad’s Words ﷺ (list of masnoon duas)

Supplicate to Allah with the words of Muhammad (saws) - The poem is a collection of my favorite Masnoon duas (beautiful duas from sunnah - (linked within))
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