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Productivity 1: Prayer, Decluttering, Relationships & Dua

Month 1 of Productivity Course for Muslims including topics from "I WILL in shaa Allaah" productivity journal - Prayer Tracker, Declutter Plan, Relationship Goals & Dua Diary along with a FREE printable bundle including Sunnah/Nafl Prayer Tracker and 6 more related freebies.

Do’s and Don’ts of Istikhara (+FREE dua printable)

How to do istikhara (a step by step guide + free dua printable and audio/video files to help you memorize it) & instructions on how to not do it - removing misconceptions around salat-ul-istikharah.

Sunnahs of Expressing Love to Your Child

5 key ways from the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on how to express love for children that helps them flourish into confident and responsible Muslims in shaa Allah

5 Ways to Conquer Decluttering Your Home (+5 Free Printables)

Physical Decluttering (with list of free printables and checklists) - a declutter plan by Iman Said on how you can organise your home to make time for things that are more important in shaa Allah.

When Was The Last Time You De-cluttered Your Mind?

Mental Decluttering - a declutter plan on how you can lighten your mental load to make time for things that are more important in shaa Allah.

Practical Steps to Pray on Time

Have you been struggling to pray on time? Especially as a mother of small kids? Here are the practical steps and quick tips to help you pray on time amidst your busy schedule in shaa Allah.

I WILL in shaa Allah Reviews – Productivity Journal for Muslims

Reviews and Features of "I WILL in shaa Allah" Productivity Journal for Muslims. The Islamic journal has been divided into 4 categories - spiritual development, personal development, strengthening relationships and goals & dreams - to help you become a better Muslim inside out!
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