International Stockists of #AlhamdulillahForSeries – Gratitude Journal Productivity & Positivity

All the reviews and features of #AlhamdulillahForSeries Gratitude Journal have been collected at one place HERE:

8×8″ Hardcover Journals

Many Muslims have used the journal beyond the book by framing some of their favorite pages, pinning them on their positivity board, clipping them on the walls or gifting others etc.

The journal is available HERE with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

(the free shipping may take time (depending on the country you reside in – we have shipped this journal to countries like Brunei, Morocco, Netherlands, Kuwait, New Zealand etc. previously so it doesn’t matter where you want it delivered!) <3

You can find a stockist near you for a swift delivery in shaa Allah).

Australia, KSA, Pakistan, South Africa, UAE, USA


 Jewel in Jannah

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& it’s also a part of Amaara Subscription Box

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Paper Batter Banter


New Zealand


At Special Discount – 945 Rupees Only (with FREE shipping)


South Africa

Muslimah in the City

Sri Lanka

Sabah’s Crib

UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Deen Square

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USA (United States of America)

Siraj Store | ARABIC | ENGLISH

6×6″ Softcover Journals

Since it has art paper inside, many Muslims have used the journal beyond the book by framing some of their favorite pages, pinning them on their positivity board, clipping them on the walls or gifting others etc.

The softcover gratitude journals are especially available in following countries with the following stockists only.

(place order on their websites – NOT on AYEINA):

Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, USA, UK and of course Amazon (International).


Dar us Salam – Physical shop address: 149 Haldon Street, Lakemba 2195 , Sydney (Phone#: 02-97407188) – They can also ship to any other country you reside in, so please contact them for further assistance.

Truly a brilliant concept. #alhamdulillahforseries .

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 Shop Modah – Physical shop address: 5120 Dixie Road – Unit 12, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4J7


Little Muslim’s Gift Factory


Little Tree Library


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KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Little Muslims Gift Factory


at Muhsin Kids and Bukuaulad


(The Dotted Pearl)


Dawah Centre


(email for details)


at Mifsha Kids (+65-96732000) and Swing by Suhaim

South Africa

at Khair Store

UK (United Kingdom)

(at AlMuttaqun), (IHRC) and (Anafiya Gifts) – Also a part of My Deen Box (Islamic Subscription Box)


USA (United States of America)

at AzyaanDaybreak Press PublishingKitaab World and Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

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Daybreak Press Publishing

Kitaab World

Djarabi Kitabs Publishing


AMAZON (International)

The booklet (6×6″) is also available on AMAZON 


What do you do when your child is more obsessed with your product than you are? Or well, equally obsessed 😂 Literally, we have to take this journal along wherever we go, because it's like our secret weapon that comes out when all else fails. You can see how she squeals at the sight of it alhamdulillah 💖 We put it on the table so she can't reach it, and the table is found slanted in her effort to reach the book. She finds it no matter where we hide it. Some sort of GPS tracker or something. Then we try to give her the older version of the book (as shown in the previous picture) so the newer ones are for the customers because we're getting on the lower end of our stock and she gets to know that she's being bluffed 😅 She grabs the book and does a ring-a-ring-a-roses with it, sits in the middle of a crowded mall to flip through the pages 😅 We always get a good laugh alhamdulillah. I hope she always love it this much. The idea behind it. And always remember to be grateful as a result and live with a positive mindset in shaa Allah 💜 #AlhamdulillahForSeries #ayeina_official Go check the random-est giveaway in the last post 😀 #casualcontest #dwwinstalove #gratitudejournal #GratitudejournalforMuslims #muslimjournal #islamicjournal

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#AlhamdulillahForSeries Arabic version #سلسلةالحمدلله is now available in print ❤ (linked in bio) . . . . Please ignore the deranged look of the thumbnail on amazon 😂 The print is fine alhamdulillah. . . May Allah bless @arabicseeds @sunnahealing_uk and br. Muhammad Noor for their translation, rechecking and graphical inputs alhamdulillah. . . Next up is French in shaa Allah 💖 special thanks to @arabicseeds and @outsidermuslima for that 💞 Coming soon bi'idhnillah 💖 . . #ayeina_official #اللغة_العربية #العربية #للمسلمين #مجلةالامتنان #gratitudejournal #gratitudejournalformuslims #arabicjournal #muslimjournal #islamicjournal

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MALAY, URDU, FRENCH, GERMAN versions coming soon as well in shaa Allah!

(this journal will be printed on demand by CreateSpace hence does not contain art paper. Shipping charges are applied by Amazon). For occassional sale/discount, please stay updated with AYEINA.


If you want to purchase the journals in bulk at discounted rate, then kindly email


A month of helping you and your kids develop an attitude of gratitude and positive mindset in shaa Allah. Because an Alhamdulillah a day keeps scarcity away.

Read rest of the details HERE. *sneak peeks included*


If you are looking for DIGITAL or HARDCOVER versions (both of which are available internationally with no shipping charges), then please refer to our eSTORE!


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When a thought generates from one and is felt and completed by the other - zayeneesha is that combination of Zainee (Samina) and Ayesha.


  1. This is indeed very exciting and I am so glad that Muslims all over the world can benefit from it. Best wishes to Ayeina.

  2. Wow there is for Philippines! Brunei Darussalam should get into the list, too… I so do love NOTEBOOKS!

  3. Wow there is for Philippines! Brunei Darussalam should get into the list, too… I so do love NOTEBOOKS! I should be a stockist here… let’s see with the business partner, in shaa Allah!

    • it would be our absolute honor to be able to stock in Brunei as well in shaa Allah. An order from Brunei took so long to reach there so you stocking them will definitely help people get the journal more swiftly bi’idhnillah <3

  4. I’m so happy that the #Alhumdulillahforseries is reaching so many far places! May Allah continue the progress you gals have made, amin!

  5. Great I was looking out for UK as I was reading through the list!

  6. This is amazing, totally uniting everyone and getting everyone to participate. LOVE! ( and

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