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When a thought generates from one and is felt and completed by the other – zayeneesha is that combination of Zainee (Samina) and Ayesha.

Gratitude Art Contest 2017 (CLOSED)
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Gratitude Art Contest 2017 (CLOSED)

Paint whatever you are grateful for! (Alhamdulillah for ______?) Joy is contagious so spread your positive vibes by painting anything that you're grateful for! The Gratitude Art Contest is based around #AlhamdulillahForSeries (explore the hashtag for ideas).

24 Jul 2017
Is Plagiarism Allowed in Islam?
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Is Plagiarism Allowed in Islam?

6 reasons why plagiarism has no place in Islam - with references from Quránic verses, ahadith, quotes of the salaf defining tadlis (deceptive attribution) and real life experiences of Muslim writers/artists.

10 Jul 2017
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