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Dua for Protection of Children from Evil Eye



Dua for Protection of Children from evil eye, envy, devil & poisonous things – watercolor galaxy & stars Printable for your & kids’ ease of memorization.

أُعِيذُكُمَا بِكَلِمَاتِ اللَّهِ التَّامَّةِ مِنْ كُلِّ شَيْطَانٍ وَهَامَّةٍ وَمِنْ كُلِّ عَيْنٍ لاَمَّةٍ

The Prophet (May peace be upon him) used to seek refuge in Allah for al-Hasan and al-Hussain, saying ; I seek refuge for both of you in the perfect words of Allah from every devil and every poisonous thing and from the evil eye which influences. [Sunan Abi Dawud] – also mentioned in [Bukhari]

The above dua is for two children hence كُمَا is used. While the printable simply uses ك (meaning you – single person). If you have a girl, you can put kasrah underneath the ك – making the sound “ki” and if you have a boy, you can put a fat’ha sign on ك – making the sound “ka”

You can hear the pronunciation of the dua HERE




You will receive a high-resolution JPEG and PDF file (horizontal A4 size) – Dua for Protection of Children


NOTE: No physical item will be shipped to you. You will receive the file as shown in the photo but without any watermark on it. For best results, you can ask your local professional printer to print the file.

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The art can be customised according to your needs. Note that there will be extra charges for personal customization. 


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