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Hifdh Tracker – #preRamadan Productivity Course Free Subscriber Bundle 4



The printable is a part of THIS post:

Productivity 4: Understanding Quran, Yourself, Priorities & Perspectives

(If you are already a subscriber, yet unable to download the Printable Bundle for FREE, then please contact submissions@ayeina.com)


You will receive 8 printable JPEG files:

1-4 – Hifdh Log (Quran Memorization Tracker and Planner) by @aleezaayra in collaboration with AYEINA – 4 watercolor floral pages with Qur’an weekly plan and end of week reflections etc.

5 – motivational poster to go along with it (#iWILLinshaAllah) – I WILL in shaa Allaah memorize the whole Qur’an

6 – Bismillah calligraphy in Arabic with English translation on a yellow marbled background.

7 – a colorful hand-lettered verse “and that it is He who makes [one] laugh and weep” – [Qur’an 53:43] (by @byajeng).

And last but not least,

8 – watercolor positivity poster (#AlhamdulillahForSeries) on the sense of calmness that comes with reciting Qur’an. 


NOTE: No physical item will be shipped to you, saving on shipping costs and time Alhamdulillah. The art can be customized according to your needs. Note that there will be extra charges for personal customization.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All of the prints are for personal use only. NO Commercial use or resale/distribution is allowed. Purchase does not transfer reproduction rights. Purchased files may not be used to create products meant for digital or physical sale under any circumstances. If you want to purchase the commercial license or have any question, then kindly email submissions@ayeina.com


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