by Zayneb Abdullatif

My kids come first, my family comes first, my job is too busy, I can’t afford it, I don’t have the time.” These are the most common responses heard when someone is recommended to take time for self-care. Many seem to think self-care implies spending money on spa services such as massages or a manicure or an expensive trip somewhere out of town. The truth is that self-care can be anything that helps a person to relax, do something they enjoy, and actually take care of themselves – physically, emotionally, mentally. When we make caring for others a priority over our own health, eventually we inevitably reach a point where we can no longer serve others well. Self-care is anything “that affirms and strengthens our physical, psychological, relational, emotional, and spiritual well-being.” Ultimately, our bodies have rights over us and our health is a trust, an amanah from our Creator. As Muslims, we know we have a duty to be healthy and not consciously do anything that can hurt ourselves. Self-care allows you to refuel, essentially to refill your own cup so you can pour from it for others. 

If you’ve ever had any negative thoughts about yourself, you are not alone! We compare ourselves with others and begin to question our identity. We lose that contentment we once had in ourselves and may start losing our spiritual connection with Allah. Eventually, our daily blessings hold no value and these negative thoughts continue to bother us; and sometimes lead to anxiety and chronic depression. 

Positive Affirmations are statements that help us overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughts. When we repeat, believe, and act upon them, we gain inner strength and that’s how we start to make positive changes in our lives. Same goes with the negative thoughts about ourselves. When we repeat them often, we become them!

Positive affirmations help purify our thoughts. They train our mind to stop over-focusing on the negatives and instead re-channel our minds to see the beauty that Allah has created us with – inside out.

“We have certainly created mankind in the best of stature.”  [Qur’an – 95: 4]

We have been created by Al Musawwir, {The Designer}. Every human is born with beauty, regardless of his or her physical and worldly possession. We must learn to love and appreciate the body that has been created for us. It’s this perfect body that we need in order to fulfill our purpose in life. It is He who has made all of this possible, so shift your thoughts back to Allah and remember that He is the One who created you Himself.

Here are some positive affirmations that can help you gain the confidence you need in shaa Allah:

1) Everything about me and my life is beautiful, for Allah has created me perfect and He customized my life specially for me.

Due to our outlook on life, we often fail to see Allah’s bounty. He may test us with ease just as He tests us with hardship. Let them motivate you to worship Allah more. So enjoy the light and warmth of the sun as it shines on you. Remember the same sun shines on people that have been stricken with greater problems than you.

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2) I am forever thankful to Allah for all the blessings. He gave me everything I need.

We should strive to give the best version of ourselves to Allah, but how can we achieve this if we can’t love ourselves? Loving oneself requires adopting a mindful attitude; so you start to notice when you are shifting into a negative state. Self-love requires treating yourself kindly – just like you would treat your best friend perhaps. What matters most is the state of our heart. If it is relaxed, the body and mind will also be at ease.

“…So take what I have given you and be among the grateful.” [Qur’an – 7:144]

3) I nourish my soul because it brings out the best in me!

Allah has created us with a purpose and it’s our duty to strive and fulfill that purpose. He has given us unique skills and qualities, which will help strengthen our self-confidence. Neither should we think low of ourselves nor become arrogant. Trust Allah to assist you in utilising your amazing capabilities to succeed and help the Ummah.

4) Allah made me unique and I am in control of my free will. With Allah’s help I can achieve anything I want.

Being mindful of Allah, and pondering about our actions leads to improving oneself. Islam encourages us to take care of our body, mind and soul in order for us to give the best version of ourselves. Ask Allah to help you improve in both faith and character. Having the right intention coupled with the right action will assist you further. Making constant Istighfar will make a way out of any hardship you’re in. So celebrate your {small and big} victories and always reward yourself!

5) Allah is enough for me. He gave me enough. He will suffice!

The secret to true happiness is being content with everything Allah has given us. When we look at those who have been gifted with materialistic things, we desire to be like them. We chase the Dunya and ultimately get dissatisfied when we can’t achieve what we want. However, we must remember that happiness is the contentment of the heart and peace of mind. A little that makes you happy is better than a lot that makes you miserable.

“Be content with that which Allah has decreed for you and you will be the richest of people.”

6) Everything I have is a gift from Allah.

It is important that we surround ourselves with righteous people who instill the remembrance of Allah and hopefulness in us. The ones who will stand strong alongside us and provide support in times of hardships. Keep your inner circle for those who will inspire you through their actions and words. Positive talks create positive energy, which will project outwardly. It is these people who truly want the best for you so you may bloom in every aspect of life.

“…And let not your eyes pass beyond them, desiring adornments of the worldly life, and do not obey one whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance and who follows his desire and whose affair is ever neglect.“ [Qur’an – 18:28]

7) I nurture all positive relationships in my life because they help me bloom.

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  1. A great article, so uplifting and beautiful pictures. there are so many takeaways from this article. The secret to true happiness is being contented with everything Allah has given us.

  2. This blog post is exactly what I needed to read at this moment SubhanAllah! JazakAllah khayr to the author for writing such a motivating blog post 🙂 P.S I love the free printable!

  3. Thank you for helping us to boost our confidence through your best advice. Each of us surely have something that we think we are lacking of or we don’t like mostly physical appearance. This will enlighten us all. Jazakallah sis!

  4. SubbhanAllah great efforts to make understand Purpose of life & follow everything is well planned a complete way of life with success 💖👌جزاك الله خيرا 🌹


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