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Helping kids understand the Quran is an important aspect of their Islamic education. Here are some tips on how to achieve that:

1) Be a role model:

Set an example by practicing the teachings of the Quran yourself. Children learn best by observing and imitating their parents or guardians.

I wasn’t married when I heard the story of how a little baby finished the Quran (listening) when he was only a few months old. I found it so cute and it really stuck to me till I had my own kids. May Allah reward that baby’s mother for inspiring me and hopefully many others through this 💞 so with the first 2 kids, I did the same. I would play the Quran recitation so they would get to listen to the words of Allah at a young age. But the third time around, I thought why not me?! The baby can listen to the recitation of the whole Quran from me. I started reciting Quran out loud to my third born and expected to finish it by the time he turns 1 year old AT LEAST.
I couldn’t…Reciting out loud significantly slowed my pace down because when you’re reciting the Quran in a muted tone, you tend to speed-read sometimes. Or when you turn on a recitation of the Quran, you can multitask. But Quran is not a race. Some days I managed just one aayah while other days, I did more. Alhamdulillah I finished reciting the entire Quran aloud around him (while he was awake) when he was around 1.5 years old. I tried to follow this Quran lesson plan, but some days, I couldn’t even manage to follow that completely. You can download it HERE for some sort of structure, nonetheless 💌 Overall, I’ve seen such amazing benefits from it in a short span of time that the length of time didn’t matter.

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Benefits like:

*The baby thinks I’m talking to him and keeps answering me with his little coos 🤭

*Sometimes it’s the only peace amidst the chaos with 3 little kids.

*Loud recitation kinda feels like loud affirmations. Makes you feel like you can do this, when most days, you’re drowning in tears and sleep deprivation with a newborn.

*The elder two also get to hear it while they are playing around.

*They sometimes even ask what I’m reading and that opens up beautiful discussions about the words of Allah.

*I get to share my fav aayaat with them and I ask them questions (mainly my eldest – who is 6yrs old). This helps her reflect on the aayaat and also helps me see another perspective.

*Loud recitation also slows me down and helps me ponder while being mindful of my tajweed (pronunciation etc.)

*My 1yr old sometimes tries to bring the Quran himself now. Or he would point to it and then try to flip the pages asking me to read to him. Of course, he doesn’t stay all the way through the recitation but he’s around and that’s enough for his little heart to absorb the words of Allah through his mother’s voice bi’idhnillah 🌸

*Every time we start our night sleep ritual now, he points at my table where the Quran is. If I ask him about the Quran, he jumps with joy! Alhamdulillah 🌟

*I got to know that the vagus nerve system helps relax the fight or flight system (that gets triggered in stressful situations). Your vagus nerve is connected to your vocal cords, the muscles at the back of your throat, and passes through your inner ear. It is recommended to try humming or loud singing to activate it (basically you can recite the Quran out loud and see this aayah come to life 💖 “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” [13:28]).

*Another way you can stimulate the vagus nerve is through deep, slow belly breathing – by exhaling longer than you inhale (it’s the exhale that triggers the relaxation response). Like when you’re reciting the Quran and you’re about to finish the verse, but you’re also out of breath.

*Amidst all the stress of parenting 3 kids, this has been my PEACE!

*And of course, benefits like the MANY discussions that blossomed as a result of it. Scroll through the slideshow to read some of the snippets. I’ve saved many in the IG highlights “QURAN WITH KIDS” but in shaa Allah will try doing another post again some day too.

And many other benefits of course.

2) Start with the basics (Tawheed and love of Allah):

No building can stand long without a strong foundation!

3) Use child-friendly translations:

Find age-appropriate translations of the Quran that are written in simple language. This will make it easier for children to understand the meaning of the verses.

4) Provide context (mini tafsir – especially for the Surah they are memorizing):

Explain the historical and cultural context behind certain verses to help children better comprehend the message of the Quran.

5) Encourage questions and discussions:

Create an open and safe space for children to ask questions about the Quran. Engage them in discussions to deepen their understanding and critical thinking.

My 1.5yr old started noticing when I was not reciting the Quran aloud around him through the mus’haf and was just reciting from my memory – because opening the mus’haf was quite a task (as he would sometimes flip the pages and I would lose track of which aayah I was reciting, or he would jump on me and I wouldn’t be able to see the words of the Quran while trying to keep the mus’haf away from him. Or I would wait until the kids have done talking so I can make sure they’re silent before I start again. Sometimes, I used to give up because they wanted to play loud too. Sometimes, they would silently play/draw around while I recite out loud. In short, there were a lot of hurdles along the way because I wanted to make sure that my 1 yr old was awake while I recited).

I wanted to highlight the beauty in the process of it all. Sometimes, we are so hyperfocused on the goal itself that we forget to enjoy the path to that goal. By reciting the Quran out loud to the baby, my elder kids and I jumped into so many interesting conversations.


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6) Relate it to their lives:

Help children connect the teachings of the Quran to their daily lives. For eg: If they are eating fruits, highlight the benefits of pomegranate (as a fruit mentioned in the Quran in 55:68). Discuss how the lessons from the Quran can be applied in different situations.

7) Use interactive resources:

Utilize interactive tools such as Quranic storybooks, apps, and videos that are specifically designed for children. These resources often include visual aids, games, and quizzes to enhance their learning experience.

Dear new mama! Let the ears around you absorb your beautiful recitation. Let your tongue soothe your heart. Let the words of Allah fill your soul. And I promise you that you WILL survive this difficult stage of life bi’idhnillah 🌸

May Allah help us and our generations live the words of the Quran 🌸 May Allah make our little ones our sadaqah jaariyah and in shaa Allah all the sacrifices will be worth it in Jannah! 💐


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