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Dear Those Fathers of the World

A letter from most mothers of the world to those Fathers of the World...

10 Advices from Older Me to Younger Self (part 2)

Advices from Older Me to Younger Self

10 Advices from Older Me to Younger Self (part 1)

I don't really know from where should I start... This might seem strange but the future I am in, where time is not a line but a dimension, such things are possible. So much has happened in the past years that I don't want to worry you with all the future details. Worry is the biggest enemy of the present moment while future is inevitable. For you, today and tomorrow are yet to be said. I know you will be curious to know the fine intricacies of your life to come. I know. Been there done that. But there are some things that I will tell you, not your future, but the things you could do to improve your attitude towards it.

A Love Letter to my Beloved (Part1)

A love letter to my daughter <3 expression of love from a mother to her precious daughter