Following are some good Islamic (or general) resources that you may benefit from inshaaAllaah. Some are free, some are not. Some may be affiliate links. 

A detailed list of free resources to understand Qur’an better is given HERE. Though all of that is without the supervision of a teacher (they are just a series of lectures (though really beneficial)). If you want a teacher guiding you through then following can be beneficial inshaaAllaah. 

*Qur’anic Education:
style of reading quran and arabic
Tajweed Classes
understand quran word by word
Understand Quran Academy


islamic studies education
*Islamic Books:
authentic islamic books
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ismail kamdar muslim islam
Homeschooling: What to expect in 1st year (by Ismail Kamdar from IOU)
*For writers/bloggers:
grammarly grammar plagiarism check
A grammar police that goes with you everywhere you go (Facebook, Gmail etc.) with its free Chrome extension.