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samINA (the second half of ayeINA) – a mum of three, currently studying Intensive Arabic Program from Islamic Online University with a previous degree of Electronic Engineering and Ta’leem ul Qur’an. She’s a writer by heart, photographer by eye, an artist by nature and a Muslim by soul.

How to Help Kids Understand the Hadith

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Sunnahs of Expressing Love to Your Spouse (Husband/Wife)

RELATED ARTICLES: | Sunnahs of Expressing Love to Your Parents | Sunnahs of Expressing Love to Your Child | (NOTE: Although the plural of “sunnah”  سنة...

How to Help Kids Understand the Quran

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Bilingual Dhikr Pack for Muslim Kids – in English & Arabic

Foster the Islamic practice of daily tasbeeh, tahmeed, and takbeer with your Muslim child, creating a special bedtime routine that nurtures a strong bond while counting and completing your adhkaar together 💕

40 Hadith Journal (English & Arabic Copywork for Muslim Kids)

Buy Digital (Nawawi) ; Buy Digital (Qudsi) See how we have been using it with the kids in our highlights: Hadith Journal. See the GUIDES...

30 Crafts to Teach Kids 5 Pillars of Islam

5 Pillars of Islam Craft Contest 2022 AYEINA hosted a '5 Pillars of Islam Craft Contest' with the purpose of connecting kids (and even adults)...

Ramadan Good Deed a Day for Muslim Kids (with 30 ahadith...

'A good deed a day' activities for Muslim kids with 30 ahadith references along with Islamic resources (shows/cartoons/games/ebooks etc.) for kids to solidify those concepts from the Sunnah. It comes with FREE printable hadith coins that can be used as motivational tools for kids in Ramadan and beyond, to not only learn more about their deen, but also apply the knowledge they gain while having fun in shaa Allah.

5 Pillars of Islam Craft Contest 2022

Previous contests: 2015 , 2016 , 2017 (a), 2017 (b), 2018 (a), 2018 (b), 2019 , 2020 , 2021 This year, our annual Islamic contest...

5 Pillars of Islam – Fabric Quiet Book for Muslim Kids

"5 Pillars of Islam" is an Islamic fabric quiet book with 10 interactive pages for helping little Muslims practice and improve their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and sensory processing through play. Let your child learn the basic foundation of Islam - its five pillars: Shahada (TAWHEED), Prayers and its various positions (SALAH), Sunnah foods to start or end the fast with (SAWM), the meaning of giving (ZAKAT), and the rites of HAJJ through visual stimulation and tactile sensation.

Ka’bah Crafts to Try with Kids (2D Kaaba activities)

Scholars have differences of opinion in terms of Kaaba models. Hence I have only included 2D crafts in this blogpost. The Ka'bah (Arabic: ٱلْكَعْبَة, lit. 'The Cube') is a building...
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