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Reviews of 40 Hadith Journals for Children

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Maliha & twin 🌷homeschool made easy |play account (@craftyykids) @made_by_wishes: ...

Bilingual ‘Islamic Manners’ Pack for Muslim Kids – in English &...

Buy HERE (international shipping) 0r through retailers around the world (tagged in caption of THIS post) Please contact editor@ayeina.com for BULK ORDERS (10 or more) See how...

Reviews of Islamic Quiet Books for Kids

PRODUCT DETAILS "This is the perfect Eid gift. It's very beautifully crafted."  I have never seen this exact product for our baby muslims and trust...

Reviews of “My First Bilingual Dhikr Pack” for Kids

PRODUCT DETAILS "Highly Highly recommend this book series. So well thought out. Great quality and AFFORDABLE! Alhamdulillah, may Allah weigh it heavy on their scale...

An Aayah a Day for Muslim Kids (+FREE printable)

This post is sponsored by Muslim Kids TV - Use code: AYEINA for 20% discount. PREVIOUS POST: A GOOD DEED A DAY FOR MUSLIM KIDS...

A Hadith That Changed My Life After Motherhood

Narrated `Ali رضي الله عنه: Fatima رضي الله عنها complained of what she suffered from the hand mill and from grinding...She went to Prophet...
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