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Islamic Planner & Journals (Ramadan Bundle Offer) – FREE shipping worldwide

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Ramadan Bundle Offer (30% OFF with FREE international shipping) includes:

1) 10×10″ #iwillinshaAllah Productivity journal whiteboard binder

(the cover is laminated with whiteboard sheet inside) with dry erase marker and stick-on holder that you can peel and stick anywhere to hold the marker. The black whiteboard marker is magnetic and comes with a mini eraser as well. All the pages have reinforcement stickers around the punches holes to help their longevity. The binder D-ring is golden in color and the journal come in a shrink wrap for protection.

2) Undated Barakah planner with hadith and Quran journal (+ write & wipe daily salah planner)

which means the dry erase marker with the productivity journal is suitable for this laminated page as well). This Islamic planner is an extension pack of the productivity journal (and hence is not bound but is punched to be added in the binder with reinforcement stickers).Yearly Gregorian and Hijri Planner | Monthly Undated Planner with Barakah related verse or hadith | Weekly Planner with high and low priority section | Weekly Hadith Journal (4 sections in a month) | Weekly Qur’an Journal (4 sections in a month).

3) #AlhamdulillahForSeries Gratitude journal

(ideal for children – to help raise grateful kids who have a positive mindset and a thankful heart (not just thankful to Allah, but also to people), but a lot of adults have used them and so can you in shaa Allah). The bundle pack consists of English version only (hardcover 8×8″)- if you’d like the Arabic version of this journal, then you may email us at submissions@ayeina.com -A month of helping you and your kids develop an attitude of gratitude (perfect for each day of Ramadan). Because an Alhamdulillah a day keeps scarcity away. Since the book is full of handmade watercolor illustrations (7 illustrations for each week and more), it will help kids learn and focus on gratitude and positivity while journaling in the end for all the things that they are grateful for in shaa Allaah.

4) BONUS Digital Files

Quran Lesson Plan and some extended printable bundles of the productivity journal (like vision board, habit tracker, meal planner etc.) which you can print and punch in your binder if you’d like.

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This 100 page journal (published in 2017) will give you templates and prompts (32 in total) that will spark reflection – based on Islamic Psychology. There are 7 watercolor illustrations and exercises in each spread of the 4 categories – Spiritual development, Personal development, Strengthening relationships, Goals and Dreams.

1) SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT – based around 5 pillars of Islam that hold your soul together.






2) PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – based around 4 walls that hold your body together.

•Self love

•Self care

•Self awareness

•Self management

3) STRENGTHENING RELATIONSHIPS – based around 3 doors to your heart.

•Relationship with role models from the past (the love of whom completes our deen – the love of rasool Allah saws)

•Relationship with family and relatives

•Relationship with friends and strangers

4) GOALS & DREAMS – based around 2 windows to the future that hold your mind together.





52 page journal (published in 2015) has been divided into 4 main categories:

1: Alhamdulillah For Basic Necessities (necessities that kids are grateful for – starting with the very basics).
2: Alhamdulillah For Ties That Bind (relationships that they’re grateful for).
3: Alhamdulillah For Islam (things that they are grateful for in terms of deen and spirituality – this may help them love Islam without you enforcing it on them).
4: Alhamdulillah For Everything (in general – things that are miscellaneous and they were not able to fill in when they did the previous sections).

There is a section for each day to write Just ONE Alhamdulillah a day (ideal for each day of Ramadan). In the “notes” section at the end of this 31-day list, they can write down what they felt after one month of their Alhamdulillah journey. If you have kids who don’t knw how to write then, you may simply ask them and write their adorable gratitude lines on your own (it serves as a great memory to go over again later in life).


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