What Kind of Mum Are You / Will You Be? Parenting

Umm Suhayb presents a tongue-in-cheek quiz to reveal your parenting style. Quizzes like these are just for fun, alhamdulillah. In reality, you are the perfect mum for your kids, however, you approach things. You are doing the best you can at one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs in the world!


 Your 3-month-old baby is not letting you sleep much at night. You:


You are out at the supermarket and your kids are in a raucous mood. Other customers and staff are starting to look agitated. You:


Your 3-year-old will not stay in her room at bedtime and tries to sneak into your bed. You:


You are chopping vegetables and fruits in preparation for dinner. Your 4-year-old comes up to you and wants to ‘help’. You:


Your children have reached ‘school-age’. You:


Your baby won’t stop whining and crying when you leave her to lie down in her Moses basket, despite being recently fed and having a clean nappy. You have other children to take care of and lots of tasks to complete. You:


Your older children have stayed up fiddling with their latest project and it’s nearly midnight. You:


You are trying to introduce a healthier diet to your family, including all the kids. They refuse to eat the celery sticks and grilled fish you’ve prepared. You:

Umm Suhayb has been all different types of mum to her 6 children at some point (though maybe not Mum by Accident!) and is duly thankful to Allah (SWT) that they have turned out to be good’uns.
She is a writer and editor at Mint Writing, originally from the UK but now based in Sweden. She also blogs at Polygamy Unpicked.
The original version of the article appeared in ‘SISTERS Magazine‘ first.

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