Ways to Instill Love of Arabic in Kids (Part 2)

Ways to Instill Love of Arabic in Kids (Part 2)

8 more steps along with a few more list of resources and advice from Arabic teachers etc. to help instill the love of Arabic in kids from a very young age - to help them learn and understand Qur'an better once they grow up in shaa Allah - refer to the previous post for more steps.

3 / / Jan 14, 2017
Long Awaited Home Short Reflections

Sometimes I just don't feel like living... not like a forever-not-living feeling! But I need a break, break from motherhood, break from wife-hood, break from simply being human. Break from the perpetual civil war that I am in which so many souls are fighting to survive, destroying each other in the process...


When feelings are beyond words, tears take over.  

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