Confessions of a Practicing Muslim (+FREE Ramadan Printables) Poetry / Ramadan / Eid

Once upon a time
I became a Muslim
I felt so Muslim
I looked so Muslim


I built a house

With the bricks of faith

Cement of taqwa

And hope at every gate


I labored hard

I put my all

I rushed towards hasanaat

I called towards Islam


I studied Arabic, I studied Qur’an

I left music, I left the haram

I left bad company, I left the show

And covered myself from head to toe


I prayed all the sunnah. I prayed tahajjud

I prayed like my life depended on it

I made long sujood and cried in my duas

My heart trembled with the recitation of Qur’an

I was happy with the person
Looking back in the mirror
Because I looked so Muslim
And I felt so Muslim


Years went by and the struggle continued

I beat the shaitaan in every room

I fought long and hard

I fought with my all


Then step by step, I slowed down in my race

While thinking I will always win

And one by one, half war half peace

I started losing the fights within


I kept getting weaker day by day

by ignoring mini good deeds every day

Thinking Fard is our only obligation

One by one, I left the Sunan


I told myself all the excuses

And blamed it all on shaitaan

I’m so busy raising the next ummah

I blamed parenthood for the weakness of imaan

My heart now beats but the tremor is gone
My lips make dua but the tears are gone
My limbs offer prayer but khushoo is gone
My body is present but the soul feels lost


So I wait here for the new moon

Please Ramadan, come back soon

My stomach is ready to leave the food

If you can feed my soul soon


I’m tired of climbing

but never quite reaching the goal

I’m tired of trying

but never quite making it whole


Ya Allah, let this month of blessings

be my step towards a change

Towards a better me

Towards a better reflection of me

So I can look back in the mirror
and see the person looking back
who looks so Muslim
and who feels so Muslim


I know all of us are awaiting Ramadhan so anxiously – hoping to break out of our procrastinating habits…

We prepared some of these resources for ourselves and hope that you find them useful as well in shaa Allah. May this help you wait for Ramadhan eagerly – with a hope of change. Change towards a better YOU bi’idhnillah (with the will of Allah).

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Use the coloring sheets to educate the kids and bond with them. Gift the cards to people to connect with them.

Print the duas to remember and learn. Spread the khair for sadaqah jaariya you can earn.

UPDATE – Ultimate List of FREE Ramadhan/Eid Printables:

Since so many of you asked us to make a detailed blogpost, after we tagged different businesses on Instagram – those who are offering free Ramadhan/Eid printables, here it is! The longest list ever 😀


Ramadhan checklist from myDeen

Age appropriate Ramadhan chores for kids by Jeddah Mom

Ramadhan Planner by Everything Nisa

Daily Ramadhan Planner by Paper Blush Plans 

Ramadan Planner Stickers by Plan with Samia

Ramadhan Planner for Mums by Dr.Shahira

30 Days Ramadan Parenting Challenge Journal by Ilma Education

Free Ramadhan Home Decor

Free Ramadhan/Eid Calendar/ Countdown


Ramadan Countdown by Sweet Fajr

Ramadhan Advent Calendar by Quote Lovin

Ramadan to Eid Countdown by In My Studio

Ramadan Countdown Calendar English/Arabic by Ramadan Recepten

Today’s Iftar Time by Modern Eid 

Ramadhan Calendar by Craftionary

Free Ramadhan Garland/ Banners/ Bunting/ Flags

Ramadan Garlands by Quote Lovin

Pastel Ramadhan Mubarak Garland by Sweet Fajr

Ramadan Mobile by Ramadan Joy

Ramadan Lantern themed Advent Calendar by Paper Batter Banter

Ramadhan Bunting by And Then She Said

Color-in Ramadhan Bunting by Modest Munchies

Ramadan Mubarak Floral Garlands by Sweet Fajr

Color-in Ramadan Banner by Ummi Mommy

Free Ramadhan Lanterns/Suncatchers

Ramadhan Suncatchers by Sweet Fajr

Ramadan Lanterns by Sakina Designs (at My Halal Kitchen)

8 Pointed Star Carnation Luminaries by Hello Holy Days

Ramadhan Lanetrns by Modern Eid (at My Halal Kitchen)

Mini Triangular Paper Lantern (Template) by In My Studio

Ramadhan Lantern Streamers by Hello Holy Days

Ramadan Moroccan Lanterns by Sweet Fajr

FREE Ramadan and Eid Printables for KIDS



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samINA (the second half of ayeINA) – a mum of one, currently studying Intensive Arabic Program from Islamic Online University with a previous degree of Electronic Engineering and Ta’leem ul Qur’an. She’s a writer by heart, photographer by eye, an artist by nature and a Muslim by soul.


  1. Loved the poem. my heart directly!

  2. Oh my Gosh.
    Totally loved this❤
    So so beautiful 😍
    *Cries a river*
    What a lovely read plus reminder it is. Gonna share it too💞

  3. And oh how can I forget those beautiful printables. Thank you so much 💕

  4. Dear Samina/Ayesha,

    I just read this poem now and I am a little sad. Cos this is me. So me. Back in my college/after college before job/job before marriage days, I was so prim and proper with regards to my Deen. I had studied so much of Tafsser and the 3 AM tahajjud.

    Sadly I do not have nothing of it now. The line – I blame parenthood for my lack of iman. Yes I blame it. And probably my laziness too.

    ..and this was not the environment I want my child to grown up. I want her to know the before me who was excited to learn the latest Tafsser class from Sheikh ANJ and hear Mufti Menk podcasts. And so yes this Ramadan I really want to revert back to the old me. That is all.

    Thank you so much for this poem

    • Sorry this landed in the spam folder :/
      Even though it’s true that parenthood can take up a LOT of our time and we are left with pretty much bare minimum! so nawafil or anything not-obligatory starts to seem like extra work in that little amount of time when all you want is to just…rest!
      But that’s the beauty of Ramadhan – it puts barakah in the time (also because we genuinely avoid time-wasting stuff perhaps) so this seems like a perfect opportunity to build at least ONE habit that you can stick to all year long!

      My target is making miswak a habit this time! A very small step I know! But it feels achievable when it sounds like a small thing to do in my jam-packed day!
      Baby steps till we make it back! in shaa Allah!

  5. Masha Allah! This is such a huuuuugggeee resource list. May we able to take much benefit from it. And may He Bless all that you do.

    Eagerly looking forward to the blessed month.

    • I didn’t want to do it because so many other bloggers have already done it alhamdulillah but people insisted because they had so many more suggestions hence compiled it all based on their tags and our research 🙂

  6. Masha Allah this is just awesome, you guys never ceases to amaze me, Masha Allah 🙂

    But all of this is very inspiring too. I do not have a printer but I can download and use it and maybe draw some checklists and plans insha Allah !! or maybe just use it online on my laptop!

    shukran habibiti 🙂

  7. […] They also have this huge collection of printables for free.  […]

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