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A soul juggling between the roles of a mother, wife, daughter in law and a student of deen and dunya. Currently a student of Islamic Psychology at IOU. With a hint of space in-between, I occupy myself in arts and crafts, photography, writing my heart out and sewing. I keep looking for more to do and explore. Always in search of contentment, finding it nowhere else but in Allaah.

سورة البقرة‎ (The Cow): Verse 1-5

Lesson#2: Reflections on Surah Baqarah سورة البقرة‎ (The Cow): Verse1-5. *Believing the Unseen*

سورة الفاتحة (The Opener)

Lesson#1: Reflections on Surah Fatihah (سورة الفاتحة - The Opener).

List of Free Resources to Study Quran

Let's study Qur'an together!

Pre-Quran Checklist

Four important steps to follow before you start studying Qur'an.

Aggression in Children: Causes and Solutions (part 2)

The reasons of aggression among children and their solutions in Islam.

Aggression in Children: Causes and Solutions (part 1)

The reasons of aggression among children and their solutions in Islam.

How Muslims should React to an Earthquake

How should a Muslim react in the face of natural disasters and how to talk to kids about them. (music-free animated video embedded for explanation along with free printables on survival strategies - emergency plan).

That required sanity!

I know handling kids can be over whelming, tiring and feels like a whole tornado inside your body...but I tell you mothers, you should always have a baby small enough to fill your arms, fix in your lap - one who only babbles, squeals n squeaks...because they are the ones who keep you sane too
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