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Samina Farooq is an engineer by qualification, a Quran and Arabic-language student by occupation, a photographer by eye, a writer by heart, an artist by nature and a Muslim by soul. A mum of one is currently studying Intensive Arabic Program from Islamic Online University while also following Bayyinah institute's 'Arabic with Husna' classes, one baby step at a time.

The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Hajj/Umrah: Must-haves
in Hajj / Umrah

The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Hajj/Umrah: Must-haves

Following points will serve as a quick tip-sheet for packing before you board your flight for Hajj/Umrah. I will divide the list into three parts: must-haves, better to have and extra nice to have. You can then pick according to your budget and requirement as to which items suit your individuality. (Free Printables inside)

03 Sep 2015
From Finite to Infinity (part 2)
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From Finite to Infinity (part 2)

Maybe you had daughters that you treated so well Maybe your children died and your sabr pulled you up Maybe you died with them, never bidding Islam farewell Sticking to Laa ilaaha as last words for a ticket above

20 Jul 2015
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